January 21, 2011

Friday's Drawers - A bit behind

Alas, I have gotten a bit behind on blogging, cooking, cleaning, reading, shows....

Lately life has been:
Family. Running. Work. And sometimes I remember to sleep and eat. 

I am kinda digging those priorities. Though I think some of the produce would much prefer get cooked and eaten sooner.....or at all. 

Soooo.... I have 2 weeks of shares to post. 

Here is last week.

Yup, those are pickle up there.  And the biggest consumer of pickles in the house.  S-man.  *Cut the pickle* And strawberries. Woot!  We mindfully ate every.one. the day we got the share. 

And the grapefruit was sweet enough that I just peel and eat. (As a kid the only way I'd ever eat a grapefruit was sliced on the equator, cut with a crazy grapefruit specific knife and with about an inch of white sugar on top.)

I still haven't tried the nuts yet. I think the only nutcrackers we have in the house are these kind....

Now here is this weeks share.  What was a light one last week turned into quite a bounty this week. And joyously!  More strawberries! 

Here is the bounty.....I have never heard of rainbow carrots!

Rainbow Carrots: Atlas Farm, Deerfield
Arugula: Dalponte Produce, Lake Placid, Florida
Cilantro: Dalponte Produce, Lake Placid, Florida
Tangelos: Eagle’s Nest Grove, Crescent City, Florida
Strawberries: Wish Farms, Plant City, Florida
Baby Spinach (Sust): Equinox Farm, Sheffield
Yellow Onions (CV): Long Plain Farm,Whately
Butternut Squash: Riverland Farm, Sunderland
Beauregard Sweet Potatoes: ECO, N.Carolina
Braeburn Apples (IPM): Apex Orchards, Shelburne

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