September 15, 2010


SCRUM Cartoon in English

In my days as a project manager, we started implementing a project management process called Scrum. Not an acronym, just a term taken from rugby that involved a team of bright people with lots of different ideas and personalities getting together and committing to developing quality work. In Scrum there are different characters, "pigs" and "chickens".

Wow. I am getting hungry already. I hope these are free-range.
So the “pigs” are committed, since they are the ones actually doing the work, while everyone else is a “chicken”—interested in the project but really indifferent because if the project fails they’re not the pigs—meaning they are the ones with their ham-hocks on the line.  The needs, desires, ideas and influences of the chickens are taken into account, but they are not allowed to disrupt or impede the project.
It got me thinking about the journey that I am on, that we are all on. Each one of us has our own thing --whether it is weight loss, cleaner eating, vegan eating, running, parenting, running while parenting, living with chronic conditions, or just plan surviving (and surviving well! Clean CT scans! yay!). Regardless of the journey, at some point, we made a commitment to go on it. Sure, it may have had some loopy turns, rest stops, or we forgot the GPS, but we still are committed to be on that PIG of a road. 

I've been very, very blessed to have a supportive community around me - in fact I truly believe you need a community to support you, to be involved - but in the end, it is ME that is making the commitment to actually change. I am the PIG here and my family, my friends, my community, my CHICKENS are involved, but they aren't the ones making the commitment to MY journey. 

Each week I try to commit to something small on my big journey. I like the Franklin Covey idea of at least one social, one mental, one spiritual and one physical activity.  I put these big rocks in first, because inevitably the rest of my time will get filled in by the little rocks all around them. Sometimes I do these big rock things without really planning too, but it sure does feel good when you commit to something and then actually follow through with it, doesn't it?
So here is my commitment for this week:
  1. Mental - Read something that is not on a screen, blackberry, the back of a cereal box, or can be found in the bathroom. 
  2. Spiritual - pray at least 5 minutes a day
  3. Physical - Log 24 running miles this week (Since when does THIS feel the easiest!)
  4. Social (oh this is the hardest!) - watch a movie with David on Friday with "Mama's favorite soda" and find and talk to a new person at coffee hour on Sunday.
What will you commit to this week? I'll be your Chicken, if you be mine.


Just Jo said...

I like this! I've been a fairly long/regular follower of your blog and I love it!
Here are my Pig Goals:
1. Mental--select a piano piece to practice that is at MY level rather than my beginning student's level.
2. Spiritual--spend 5 minutes each morning in quietness to just be with God.
3. Physical--Turn my morning walks with the dog into morning runs with the dog.
4. Social--"make the first move" in making a new friend.

Christy Z said...

Jo, That is awesome! Thanks for reading, my fellow c25k grad! :)

Just Jo said...


So, how are your goals going? Here's my update:
1. Mental--err, not so much. I did take time to read . . . a magazine. And a book about cooking and camping.
2. Spiritual--check. Just started a devo book called "Simple Abundance".
3. Physical--check. Ran a 5k (in under 30 min. with no training! And on the rag! Bonus!!) And took the dog for a run this morning, even after my 5:15 a.m. morning weight lifting class.
4. Social--check and check! I went to a 2-night/3-day workshop this past weekend and didn't know anyone. I left with many new friends. :)

Christy Z said...

Hey Jo! Nice work on the 3 out of 4 and on the rag, no less! Bonus, LOL! Check out my TOM post (July) for hopefully a good laugh. And networking @ your workshop. Go you!

So yeah...
1. Mental - I read a couple chapters of Run Like a Mother. Awesome book.
2. Spiritual - I got some praying in, tripled up on Sunday. I did do the reflection and am about to post it.
3. Logged 22 running. Eh, wanted to do more.
4. Social, I kicked away the excuses and went out with some girlfriends (and new people) to the South End in Boston for the first time ever! I drank divine girly drinks like Pink Guava Lemonade and Strawberry Rhubarb Martini! If you know me, this was definitely the hardest, but by far the most fun for the week.

Thanks for checking in, Jo.

Christy Z said...

Oh and I totally meant to say that "Simple Abundance" sounds RIGHT up my alley. I'll have to check that out. Thanks Jo!