December 06, 2010

What is that sloshing sound???


That would be my stomach. Is that what it sounds like?  All the time?

So I did something today that I am embarrassed to admit has taken me this long to do.

I ran without music. Yep.

11 months, 1 week and 2 days of running and today was the first day I ran without my zune either in my ears, blaring from the treadmill, from Isabella's iluv in the jogging stroller or dangling from my neck.

I've talked about what running is to me before, but it usually involved somehow shutting out part of the world.  Well not today.  I have been so frazzled-busy with to-do lists and ITB issues and family time and Advent and church time (All GOOD things!) but a lot of good things, so that rather than just drown it all out with music....I just wanted to move forward and be today.

I know I need my runs. And I know I need them for different reasons depending on the day, but I do think that I will be a better person and a better runner (ummm...I could hear my foot falls and correct them!) if I practice minimalist running from the neck up too sometimes.

I am not ready to get ride of the music player all together.  But I do want to make a commitment to run naked at least 1 run a week during my training for Boston. And by naked, I mean sans the player...not ready to take off my clothes like Chuck the garmin just yet...but I do know it beeps!  Who knew.

My heart is beating faster just thinking about giving this small thing up, but I think that right there is an indicator that it needs to be done.  I'm also going to need some accountability.  I am thinking that along with my training plan (one of my to-do list items...argh!)  that I plan on posting and keeping track of here, I am going to hold my self to day without a player.  Who knows, it might become my norm.

Oh don't get ahead of yourself there, Christy.

How do you non-music runners do it? What keeps you tuned in or tuned out during your runs? Or if you run with music, could you give it up for a run?


Cindy S. said...

I'm not sure I could ditch my ipod. I haven't been running long enough to get into the "zen" phase of running. I still talk myself through my runs by saying things like "run until the end of this song" or "only 3 more songs and you'll be done". Somehow, run to the corner doesn't do it for me.

However, I've only been running about 5 months. Maybe it will come. Who knows. I'll watch your experiment!

meredithlevin said...

If I don't have my iPod, I need my running partners. I need one or the other to keep me from just counting my footsteps. How was your foot strike?

Sarah Jane said...

I just started using a nano this year, but generally run without it. I think I pay better attention to my form and it's more meditative without it. That said, I love listening to Glee or NPR when I run.
Good luck!

Rose said...

I run while watching movies on my treadmill, while listening to my someone scream she isn't being picked up, outside while talking to my hubby (while he is riding a bike), etc. I am finally getting my act together so I can start running with music. :) I think whatever you do works. Yay for all kinds of running!

Megan said...

Sometimes I turn my music way down, and sometimes I forget to listen to it, no matter how loud it is. I am a music person, though...I get bored without it, but I don't depend on it.
I know what you mean though...sometimes I give things up just because I *think* I might be getting dependent on them, just so I can say I wasn't. Then I chastise myself for overthinking things. :)

Kelley said...

This is a hot topic, isn't it??
I have never been able to run with music not because I am some sort of purist, but mainly because 1)I am such a spaz and 2) I am terribly lazy and don't have the energy to put together a good playlist. I'll go from Cee Lo to the Beatles to Frank Black. Spaz. My speed is all over the map.

That said, I'll do speed work with my ipod (which I got for my birthday this year! Welcome to 1994!), but for all other runs, I go without. I doubt this helps, but there it is.

Good for you for trying something new!

Christy Z. said...

LOL @ Megan! Yup, then we overthink the overthinking things!

@Mer, It was better today. Focused.

@Cindy, keep it up! Yes, the running to the end of a song or going fast through a song totally works for me too.

@Rose - That is a good idea! Chatting with the hubby on the bike! I see a mom run while her son rides along side sometimes. So cool!

Delane said...

One the best things in whole wide world is at the beginning of a race, running to no music and hearing the pitter patter of everyone feet and the breathing. Its music in and of itself.

I normally start my player around a 1/4 of a mile at races.

As for regular runs, I like my music. It helps me stay on beat and a kick ass song makes me run a little faster.

Power songs are my pick-me up during a bad race.


Kathleen said...

What we put in front of us as barriers/excuses not to walk/run/exercise is relative...not the hereditary kind, but the kind that proves the cliche "different strokes for different folks" is true. Fact: I've been intending to start the C25K program for some months now to get ready for the goal of running a 5K with you in 2013 (when I'll be 60). But I don't have the C25K "sound track" of when to walk, when to run, etc., set up yet on my iTouch, so I was convinced that I couldn't begin the program until I had all the music setup. WRONG! All I really needed was a kick in the b*tt from my "who-says-you-can't-do-this" self and the kitchen timer. Since it's still all new to me-- run 60 sec./walk 90 sec. for 20 min. I was concentrating so much on checking the timer that those 20 minutes FLEW by sans music! I know I've only managed to complete Day One of Week One, but I'm psyched for Day Two tomorrow. I'm giving myself until spring to be able to handle a 5K without gasping for air every minute! Who knows, by 2013 running a Half Marathon with you might be the better goal to shoot for!?!

Christy Z. said...

Delane, oh that is so true! I did do that for the last 2 races...I ran with Em and Sarah and it was so cool to hear and see all those people. And actually, I think the first 1/4 mile should have no earbuds because there it is hard to get around people if they can't hear you around them.

@Kathleen (aka Mom) WOW! Go mom! I loved that about the c25k program. I was so focused on watching the treadmill time/distance that it really did fly by. Nice job on completing W1D1! ( sure to rest in between. just sayin')

Oh, and it takes me around 2 miles on any run to get to the point where I am not breathing hard. I haven't found anyone that doesn't have a 17min.ish threshold till it "clicks"

Kathleen said...

Yup...your Dad would say that with biking, too (right, Curt?) what point to the centimeter on the Metropark trail would the endorphins kick in and the rest of the ride would be gravy. But it's good to know that about running so I won't give up too soon. :-)

Douglas A. Waltz said...

I listen to a variety of podcasts when I bike. No music, just podcasts.

Tammy said...

I ran for the first 4 or 5 years with no music (except on a treadmill, I would have shot myself if I had to run on a treadmill sans music). I ran my first 2 marathons with no music.

How did I do it?
I love to daydream, and my training runs were the perfect time for it.

Now? I never run without music, except at races where there is a lot of crowd support. I usually turn on my music one or two miles into a race. At marathons, I tend to leave it off for the first 8 or 10.