February 15, 2012

Just a crack

Two things:

1. I haven’t been writing *here* much. Could you tell?

2. I reaaallly don’t want my most recent post “excuses, excuses” to be the thing that haunts me when I click over here to pull up a recipe or read an old entry I want to - need to read. (Dragons much?).


I will be posting. 

In fact this is a post. 

I’ll think of it as a door opening. Or a window. An opportunity to write again. I do have things I want to write. And I know making the time – for me – is important. Writers write and how I love to write.

So if there is anyone actually out there, stay tuned.  I think I just cracked that overwhelmingly large door open just a crack with a sigh and a click of "publish now".


Marta said...

Still here!

Carolina John said...

Come on back! Love to read more again.

Anonymous said...

Yay! I really enjoyed reading your blog and checked diligently, but I guess I stopped right before you wrote this...so glad I just checked tonight! Welcome back!