April 14, 2012

Boston Marathon Expo

One of the most exciting and insane parts about the Boston Marathon is the sheer number of people that are running, volunteering and cheering.  And many of those same people also attend the expo, since, well, that is where you have to pick up your bib.  And while there, you might as well check out all the gear both large and small companies are looking to market & sell to runners.  Cha-ching.

Last year when I ran for Dana-Farber in the Boston Marathon, I went to the expo to pick up my bib and poked my head into the convention center,  but I was so incredibly overwhelmed I only managed to make a quick loop and walked out without buying or trying a thing.  There was no way I was going to mess up my stomach before Monday's 'thon!

This year was different.  I'm not running Boston, but I am from here so I might as well soak it all in, right?  This year we did have the time to check out the gear, there was no concern of being on my feet all day and I'm still a runner with needs (!!), so we we made a day of it instead. Me and my daughter had a girl's day out and headed over to the Seaport World Trade Center to check out the expo.

Yup.  Still insane.

But we had a good time getting there for sure.  Green line-Red line-Silver line. And Boston was GORGEOUS today!

Girl's day out - posing at the Seaport
Yes, it IS truly insane at the expo. With Boston as the exception, the races I have done have been pretty small so an "expo" fits in a school gym or a meeting room in a hotel.  Boston took up the Hynes last year and the Seaport this year.  I guess it would have to be huge to bring 26,000 runners and their families into town for a 26.2 event.

Isabella and I walked around gathering freebies, trying sample and spinning wheel of fortune like wheels to try to win freebies at various booths.  We sampled Hawaiian rolls a couple times, lara bars (yum!), peach bavarian yogurt (more yum!), I tried different flavors of gu chomps, powerbar gummies, gaterade protein recovery drink (ew.) no, none of those for a 4 year old! We picked up safety reflectors, spf for lips, various samples of detergent, liquid soap and baby wipes (for those lunch runs!) from seventh geneation, and beef jerky?  really? (Yes, there was a beef booth), we got lots of coupons and even a cute little origami made for Isabella. And we tried on sparkly headbands together as Izzy said "Mama, these are sparkalicious!"

We even got our picture taken with the Lorax (We thought Simon would LOVE that!) at the Seventh Generation booth and the official car of the 116th Boston Marathon over with Nissan (they haven't sent it yet...boo. It was cute too!).

And Isabella made me a sign.  Awwwww.....
Go Mamama (with a picture of me)

In the people highlights, I talked to and thanked Danny Dreyer of Chi Running for his work and his book, said "you're amazing and thank you" to Kathrine Switzer as she walked past and got a chance to finally meet SBS - Sarah Bowen Shea from anothermotherrunner.

SBS and me.  btw,I'm 5'7"....just sayin' :)

It was pretty cool to call out to Sarah when I saw her in her "baddass mother runner" tee and have her turn around and say "Christy!" and get a big hug and take a picture. We got to chat for a bit before it was time to take the very patient, and I really mean that, 4 year-old back to the train station and the bag of popcorn I promised.

The highlight of Izzy's Day.

It wasn't until we were back on the train that I opened up my copy of Run Like a Mother to read SBS's inscription.  Pretty cool.

I am super excited for SBS and all the runners of the 116th Boston Marathon.  It looks like it is going to be as hot or hotter than it was in the 2004 marathon.  Stay cool out there!  I am so glad this year I am not running I got to experience the expo just as a runner and not as a nervous marathoner as I was last year.

Oh, as for this year and the stash?  A lot of cool stuff, but I managed to spend all of $5 on 3 pair of sof sole socks.  I can't wait to try them out on my long run tomorrow.

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