June 01, 2010

Will run for food. And when I say food, I mean life.

I started running so I could eat more. 

It’s true.

Back in December I was really craving a bacon cheeseburger and a side of fries from Friendly’s.  Like preggo-style craving. I thought, I bet if I run I could eat one those.  (Not back to back though. That’d be bad.)

With WeWa, if I want to maintain my current weight (without moving my boo-tay), I get about 24 points with my 35 extra weekly points.  That equates to roughly 1500ish calories a day.  Add some activity points and, voilà, I get to eat more. What a concept! 

Just so you know, a Friendly’s bacon cheeseburger and side-o-fries is 36 points. Wh-what?! Well that’s a problem. 24 does not equal 36 and I still have 2 more meals in there somewhere. And personally, I’m not a fan of air sandwiches.

Here is something else you should know. 

I hate running.

Why would anyone in his or her right mind want to go from one place to another with no destination in mind?  During maternity leave, the way I got my exercise to drop the extra 40something pounds was to go for a walk with the kiddos in the stroller and sling to takeout/return dvds to Hollywood video – a 3mile round trip.  A walk for walk’s sake, wasn’t happening. So why in the world would I run?  (Plus I think I have unresolved former cross-country team issues. But that is a post for another day.)

Then came the bacon cheeseburger….

A treadmill….

And C25K (Couch to 5K)…

In December for Christmas, David & I bought ourselves a treadmill and I started the C25K program. I couldn’t run more than 2 minutes without getting out of breath and dying, DYING to stop.  What the heck did I do??!! 

But I kept going.

And one day I ran 20 minutes with out stopping. 

Then I ran 5 miles.

Then I ran outside and felt like I was starting *all* over again.  Argh!

But I kept going.  Then one day I ran up the big hill without stopping.

Then one day I ran 6 miles, then 7, then 8, then 9 and then 10. 

Then one day I signed up for a ½ marathon (btw, this is my first race ever. Yeah, if I do something, I go all out.  Ya think?)

Then one day I realized I run because I can. Because there are people that can’t.

Then one day I realized I pray during those long runs.

I realized when a certain song comes up, I automatically think of the person that recommended it or that I some how associated the song with that person.

I love love love that feeling! Not only do I love the feeling of thinking and praying for that person, but I know that that person is simultaneously giving me support to continue running…that person’s energy moves me forward and hopefully that person can feel my energy and Spirit in them too. Like this interconnected Spiritual dance way above us; like those Spirits are having a little chat or dancing or hugging or *gasp* running, or loving one another all while giving me some kickass beats to keep moving!

There are a lot of people I am praying for and thinking about these days. There are a lot of miles that I plan on running. I need their energy and I think they could use a bit of mine. 

I asked a lot of my friends and family to send me some tuneage to add to my playlist for my training and my ½ marathon. Man do I have an eclectic playlist so far!  

If you are so inclined, would you comment with your song (and a prayer request if you want) and I will add you and your song and your prayer to my run, pray, music 1/2 marathon playlist. What do ya think? You game? (And if you want, mine are: I Run for Life - Melissa Etheridge; Your Love is my Drug - Ke$ha; Suddenly I See - KT Tungsten)

And guess what.

I love running now.

(But in full disclosure, sometimes I run for those that can’t and sometimes it is for the quest of the ever elusive *oops, not allusive* perfect ass.)

I still never got that bacon cheeseburger.  But I am ok with that.


Delane said...

ugh!!! now I want a Bacon Cheese Burger. Okay actually I'm craving a chimichunga.

Songs I love to run to:
Raise Your Hands- Bon Jovi
Jump- Madonna
Sinnerman- remix Felix
Electric Feel- MGMT
Meet Me Halfway- Black Eyed Peas
Eminence Front- the Who
Ecstasy- Rusted Root
I think I'm in Love- Beck
Around the World- Daft Punk
Sex on Fire- Kings of Leon

okay I just gave you a play list :-)

I can always use a little prayer that my PF does not come back and that my life stayed in balance.

Christy Z said...

Thanks D! Songs & prayers added....

btw, you looked STUNNING in your dress (yesterday's post)!

Tammy said...

I am getting SICK of all of my running music. Last time I felt this way, I dumped everything and started from scratch.

OK, so a few of the ones that I have in there right now:

Empire State of Mind - Jay Z and Alicia Keys
Gives You Hell - The All American Rejects
Jump - Glee cast version
The Middle - Jimmy Eat World
Paper Planes - M.I.A.
Say Hey (I Love You) - Michael Franti & Spearhead
Going the Distance - Cake

along with lots of Lady Gaga

Yeah, nothing new.

My only prayer request would be selfish. I want my boss to get his act together, and I want our move to go smoothly and happen before summer is over.

Christy Z said...

Tammy, I've been thinking of you and the move to Chi-town; especially with the uncertainty around the house, job etc. I hope it happens soon. You and Delane could run together!

I will certainly add that prayer. And these songs are (mostly) new to me. Good choices. My BFF from HS gave me Say Hey and I found myself singing Hey Mama Hey Mama out loud today on my run! She said that would happen.

Emily Ruth said...

I found your blog from Molly's, and I hope you don't mind my reading! I've just started exercising regularly, and I did my first "run" (hahaha, I walked most of it but I FINISHED) just a few weeks ago.

I'm going to download all these songs and add them to my running list. But I thought I'd contribute some of mine!

"Fingerprints of God" by Steven Curtis Chapman
"When God Ran" (lots of people have covered this, and to be honest I'm not sure who did the version I have, since a friend gave it to me!)
"Adiemus" by Karl Jenkins/Adiemus project
"Vater Unser" by E Nomine
"Mi Primer Millon" by Bacilos
"Buena" by Bacilos
"Nuevo Mundo" by Crisantes
"Jump (For My Love)" by the Pointer Sisters
"Don't Stop Believin'" Glee Cast version
"White and Nerdy" by Weird Al Yankovic
"Another Irish Drinking Song" by DaVinci's Notebook
"The Element Song" by Tom Lehrer

Christy Z said...

Emily, Congrats on your first run! I will check out these songs...I have the Don't Stop Believin' Glee version on my long run list.

I just sent you a friend request on facebook, check out my "notes" section and Run, Pray, Music...there is a list of songs I like as well as a bunch from FCS peeps that sent me some goodies.

How about doing the Somerville Homeless Coalition 5K in the fall? I bet we could get a good team this year!