May 06, 2012

A Big Hunk o' Pasta Love.

I forget sometimes just how easy it is to actually throw leftovers together to actually make something decent I look forward to eating. And is food, real food!

Since I've been biking more to work of late, PB&Banana sandwiches have been my go to lunch - easy to make the night before, not much to carry in the bag and I don't have to leave the safety of my desk after a sweaty run to go to the microwave to heat up.  Oh and they are just so darn good.

But a girl can only eat so much PB&Banana sandwiches before her hips start letting her know.  

Sorry Elvis. 

So tonight as I was about to put away our left over pasta (on sale for $.77/box!) dinner, I had a thought.  

I *was* going to wait to get some Italian dressing at the grocery store tomorrow, but thought....wait. 

I have olive oil.  vinegar.  I bet there is something I could do with that. 


Grabbed some chives from the garden, a little salt, a little (pardon me do you have any) dijon, a little pepper and whisk and ta da!  

Pour over pasta.  Wait!  There's more.  Add some of the spinach on sale today and we have our selves a lunch tomorrow!  


Anndd.....I just remembered we have a conference, with catering. for lunch tomorrow. 

Ok, so lunch on Tuesday then.  Save the PB&B for Wednesday.

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