May 28, 2010

Kiss my grit....g'bye

There really is something to eating something fresh from the garden.  Of course as long as you get all the grit out.

What a pain in the tuchas that is...looks like a tasty bite, chew, chew, chew and *crunch*. Ick. Grit. Gross.

Anyway, we finally "harvested" - and I use that term very loosely - our first produce from our garden.  Some nice baby lettuce.  Of course it was only 6 leaves, so I mixed them in with the CSA green leaf lettuce from this week's share, but hey, it's a start!

So back to the grit issue.  There is a trick I learned for that.  It involves a bowl of water, soaking and lightly swishing (great word) the leaves (all the dirt should sink to the bottom) and then using a handy dandy salad spinner.

We've now had our CSA for about 4 months and they send lettuce or spinach or arugala (another great word) with our share each week.  Each week I rinse the lettuce or greens, soak it and then dry each bunch by wrapping in a paper towels so it doesn't get all mushy in my make-a-head-containers of salad.  (Dressing doesn't stick to wet salad. Blech.) Can you imagine how long that took, not to mention the number of paper towels I used? (I did reuse them though.)  But due to time constraints...who has time to get to the store?...And my cheapassness, I wouldn't buy a salad spinner.

People go without spinners all the time. Yet I must have complained at some point.  Because last week, this is what happened as we were walking out the door for our anniversary lunch.....

David: Your present hasn't arrived yet, it's on back order from Amazon.
Me: OMG (I didn't really say OMG) You got me a salad spinner!
David: OMG (David didn't really say it, either) I can't even surprise you.
Me:  It's the best present evah! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

You may think I am kidding, that I would be excited to get a salad spinner for an anniversary prezzie, but I am really not.  I will gladly take practical over posh.  After all, I "have a distrust of the fanciful" according to my insights profile.

Since the cat was out of the bag (or the salad was...but then again most pre-made salads are already in a bag. but I digress.) I made sure we somehow ended up in Dedham (seeing as I was driving) so we could go to BB&B to get said salad spinner and take it home rather than wait for Amazon to ship.  Woot!

So these 6 bad boys were the first things to use in my new salad spinner. Sweet. No more patting dry for me.

And yeah, I did see another potential anniversary present at BB&B.  Two actually.  But that is another story for another day....or maybe next anniversary.

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