February 08, 2011

Another half post. Half way there. Just about.

You people are awesome! We are just about half-way to our goal of raising $10k to end cancer! 

And....it is quite timely because Boston Training is also just about 1/2 way done! WOOT! 

 What a journey so far! My friends, family and even perfect strangers (not really strange, strangers) have been so unbelievable generous.  I am grateful and humbled that you have given so much to get us just about 1/2 way to our $10K goal for raising money for Dana-Farber and the Claudia Adams Barr Program for Innovative Cancer Research.  Thank you!

But to *really* get us half way there.  We need to raise $315 more.

And good news!  There is still time to get half-way there! 

(Till Sunday anyway.)

Can you help me finish my 9th week of my 18 week training plan by pushing the DFMC to $5k mark?  Come on people!  We can do it!  

And in full disclosure, 100% of the funds go directly to fighting cancer.  There are many, many projects that are funded through the Claudia Adams Barr Program. Here is one that is close to many of us and so important to the health and wellness of this and future generations: Studying the linkages between cancer and obesity.  

"Bruce Spiegelman, PhD, is one of the world leaders in understanding the molecular basis for obesity. His research is explaining why obesity is such a major risk factor for human cancers. Determining the link between obesity and these cancers could be important to inhibiting cancer development in both obese and non-obese people."

This is one of many important studies going on at Dana-Farber.  Please ask me about others.

And just because....another half post. Half way there. Almost.

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