February 15, 2011

Friday's Drawers - Forget Me Not Fruit

You know how when you start to get out of the habit of something, it takes all your energy to get back on track?  Yeah, that is where I am.  I get into this crazy perfectionist mode, like I need to have something really important to say or take a picture of before I actually post.

And who is this for again?

So I took pictures with our new camera Friday, and I even got some reviews from our lovely taste testers, Simon and Isabella, but I never posted.


Enough excuses. Check out these wares from our Farm Share.

I think I left drool on my monitor.

Strawberry Review - Wish Farm
Simon: They were good!
Izzy: Delicious!

These were good.  Of course my favorite is the double butt strawberries.  I am huge fan of fruits and veggies that look natural. The "odd" shapes give food character rather than the pristine, stepford-fruit you usually find in the grocery store.

I need to take a picture of the two legged carrots we get sometimes too.  Those make me smile every time.

My fingers are still sticky from just having one.....
and what reminded me I still had an unposted blog post.

Florida Sunburst - Uncle Matt's Organics

Izzy (3yo): I like it.  And I don't like it sometimes. And I like it.  Is there more?
Simon (6yo): Tastes like juice! Good!

The Produce Geek describes sunburst Tangerines as:
Brilliant orange skin like a new construction cone, juicy-sweet tangerine taste like a, well… a burst of Florida Sunshine! Sunburst Tangerines are tangerines, NOT Clementines. Don’t get fooled at the store, Florida Sunburst Tangerines are sold loose, in 3lb bags and in 5lb Gift Boxes. People buy a gift box thinking they’re getting Florida-grown Clementines, but they are Tangerines – with seeds. Seeds? Yea, I said seeds – lots of them. If you are in the Anti-seeds Camp stick with Clementines and Satsuma Mandarins. If you like the juicy-sweet taste of Tangerines, buy them now, enjoy and repeat.
Oddly, they seem to be a November/December fruit, but we got them in February.  Regardless, bring 'em on. Because, dang, these are good!  Yes, Simon, they do taste like juice!

I don't think S & I would like to review this one.....But I bet I know who would!  We'll get to it....
And here is the remainder of the wares:

We had the red & green pepper last night raw with some hummus.  Yum! 
Tomatillo Hot Sauce: Real Pickles, Greenfield, MA
Covington Sweet Potatoes: ECO, N.Carolina
Green & Red Pepper: Bryson Farm, Labelle, Florida
Collard Greens: Bryson Farm, Labelle, Florida (huh. I thought that was kale too???)
Red Kale: Lady Moon, Punta Gorda, Florida
Green Leaf Lettuce: Lady Moon, Punta Gorda, FL
Sunburst Tangerines: Uncle Matt’s, Clermont, FL
Strawberries: Wish Farm, Plant City, Florida
Carrots: Winter Moon Farm, Hadley, MA

1 comment:

revmolly said...

Oh, do I miss strawberries! Peter has sworn me off of buying conventional...too many pesticides...and I know what you mean about the frankenfruits. I walked into Shaw's the other week and even the produce aisle looked so strange and fake to me now that we are mostly eating CSA veg.

I see your Real Pickles sauce--my kids ADORE the pickled beets and red cabbage. Pricey but a nice winter in-a-hurry veg for dinner out of a jar, and super healthy. maybe your kids would like em too?