February 11, 2011

Hair I am baby....or not

I have a complete love/hate relationship with my hair.

Ok, more like, I have a complete love/hate relationship with going to the hairdresser.

 I don't know why it is, but I never want to fork over $$$$ on getting my hair done.  I never got the whole "because I am worth it" commercials.  Those seem so....arrogant.  A waste of money.  I'd much rather spend my money on something else than on my hair.

Or maybe "because I am worth it" is confidence that I misconstrued as arrogance. When I look back at all the different hairstyles I had over the many many years:  long, bob, pixie cut, buzz cut with bangs, buzz cuts with no bangs, betty page-do, just unkempt, long, do locks of love and go short again, long again, locks of love, short again, repeat.....Was I being lazy, cheap or just trying to figure out my place in this hairy world?

I don't know about you, but when I'd go to hair dresser (when I didn't do it myself) I'd have a picture in hand  (and once even brought a video tape recording to my hairdressers house of a chic I liked on MacGyver! Ha!) and then I'd sit down and say I want a cut that makes me look ______ (insert whatever I was feeling I needed to be at the time.)

This time sitting in the salon chair, I recognized two things.

Thing 1.

The last time I got my hair done, I wasn't a runner.  (Dead giveaway on how long it has been since I've taken care of my hair!)

I debated and debated, do I go with long layers so I can still do a pony, or do I go with what I actually like, a layered bob like do, and find ways to deal?  From everything I've read regarding hair and running, it's either, go long or really short. Well, phooey. Contrary to popular belief, my life do not revolve around running. 

Which brings me to....

Thing 2. 
I just want to be me. So this time I did bring pictures, but one of the pictures was a picture of me. I want to look like me. 

Finally, (why has it taken 35 years??!!!) I have come to realize that it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks about how I should wear my hair but me.  Short hair not only looks better on me, in my "I'm worth it opinion" but I love the time I get back in the morning because frankly, my kids are worth it too and they deserve to have as much extra mom time as well.  Sold.

So, yup. I went short. Again.  And feeling grateful to even have hair to do a do-debate.

David didn't give the kids a heads up so here was the welcome once I got all my winter gear off....

Izzy: What happened to your hair?

Simon: You look beautiful!  (His jaw actually dropped.  Man, I love my boy!)

Isabella warmed up to me and decided she liked it.  Whew.  Maybe it will help her when it is time to trim her locks!  

As for running, we'll see.  I actually debated skipping the run tonight so I could get one more day of all the flat ironing and product my new awesome hairdresser gave me, but nah...That would be just crazy. :)  

I didn't say running wasn't a BIG part of my life, just that my life doesn't revolve around it! 

Anyway, we'll have to wait to see how the hair holds up on a different run since donning the reflective winter cap was was a must!

And while I may be a mom, a wife, a runner....one thing I am not....I am not my hair.  


Dawn said...

LOVE IT!! Love the new do and love your writing! I'm so glad we are "virtual" running buddies!

Gina said...

I too dislike spending $$$$ on haircuts and styles. I have long hair and it's crazy how much it costs to cut. Thanks for sharing the video - I hope you don't mind me sharing it :)

Sarah Baker said...


Curt said...

Can we just say, your doo is HOT!!!!!!

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!!
Saith the Nancy as I was reading your entry, "Doesn't she know how RIPPING she is in short hair???"

'Course she cuts mine... and... uh.... you've seen it...

Jennifer said...

LOVE the new do!! :)

revmolly said...

look at those eyes pop! love it! I may come at that haircut from the other direction :)