April 19, 2011

Boston Marathon - DFMC Pasta Party

Wow! Wow! Wow!

There is so much to process, so bear with me. aka, really long post(s) coming :)
First off, the pasta party was unbelievable. So many amazing stories from survivors, from the kids, partner programs (kids & their families can participate with runners that chose to be part of the partner program) Way cool. All the kids are at mile 25 and if they can and want to, they can run the last mile with their runner. We heard from scientists, a great pep talk from Uta Pippig 3x winner of the Boston Marathon from 94-96, a pep talk from our coach Jack Fultz, and some amazing fund raising stories. And an amazing Dana Farber tribute video from our runs and why we run. There were 500+ Dana-Farber team members, but I see just how lucky we are to be in Boston and to get to train here and especially on the course every Sat. The video and picture montage was another example.

We also were treated with an amazing speech by Delores Barr Weaver, founder of the DFMC. Her speech was powerful, humble and quietly amazing. She has this presence. She lost her mother in 1957 and when she and her husband were in a place where they could, they took up the battle that her mother lost. She started the DFMC 22 years ago with 19 runners and their goal was to raise 100k for innovative cancer research. This year there are over 500 runners, with one runner having run ALL 22 times! And we raised over $3.5M so far.

And the food...The pasta bar was fabulous. I had salad with fresh strawberries, two huge plates of pasta - at least 3 different kinds. And some whole wheat rolls and one cookie. Gotta have a cookie! I loved that it started at 3pm so we were able to get food, hear the program and still get home at an early hour.

So funny story. Last week I got a call from the on of the amazing staffers from DFMC, Arin, who also happens to be from my town. Anyway she called to ask if I meant to RSVP for 8,000 people. Um. No. I hope my credit card didn't take 8000 reservations! I guess something was up with the system and somehow I got in there over 8k times. Well they canceled them and made my reservations for me and David. But in the mean time I rattled off some teammates to see if we could sit near one another. Sweet! Here are a few of them.

Kim and me. We rocked our 20 and one of our 18 milers together. 

Jess and me. 
Steph and me.
So that was the party. More Boston Marathon coverage coming up!

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