May 06, 2011

Photo (run) Op

One of the greatest perks where I work, besides the warm-fuzzy feeling of contributing to public health, and specifically the lives of brand new babies and their parents, is getting to spend my lunch hour running in the arboretum.

After running the arb for about a year, I decided to finally take my camera and show off some of the trails and gorgeousness that I get to experience just outside my office.

Here it is.

(Make sure you click on the little yellow guy/comment button on the left hand side to see the captions. That is, if you want to be inside my head.  Otherwise, just lace up and enjoy the show!)


Yeah. Thought so.


Here was the route.


Al's CL Reviews said...

I'm jealous just because the paved paths are asphalt and not concrete.

MiddleKid said...

I am soooo jealous! What a beautiful place to run and Lilacs are my favorite. I wish I could smell them too! (TechMom)

Sandy L. said...

When I worked at Ohio State, the Secrest Arboretum was a favorite place. Last summer 2/3 of the plantings were destroyed by a tornado and Secrest was closed for 5 months. Replanting is taking place now and public programs have resumed. I'm glad to see photos of spring blooms again on their website but it will be years before it is as glorious again as your arboretum.