May 20, 2011

Friday's Drawers: Fiddle Me This

Red leaf lettuce, rainbow chard, kale, green pepper, fiddle heads, sweet potato
vidalia onions, apples asparagus, peaches
This is our last week of our east coast farm share or this season.  We'll take a week off and then we resume with a local share, but because we are working 2 gardens this year - yup TWO! - we switched to a small share.  Anyway, we have a pretty good looking share this week....though it feels like it will be a good test in creativity.

Last year I didn't do well with the fiddleheads, so I am going to try again with a new recipe.

I am super excited by the peaches.  And vidalia onions, the official state vegetable of Georgia, look really good.  I am doing some research on some recipes for the onions.  A peach salsa might be a good combo.  Or maybe an apple, chicken salad with the onions.  Or both!

As for the rest, chard will probably be the red lentil chard soup, kale for kale chips are a huge hit around here.  And if I am going to turn on the oven (though in the cold rain having the oven on hasn't been an issue) I might as well roast the sweet potato, cutting them in half and coating them in a little olive oil and sea salt.

I did the same thing last week with the asparagus and So good.  I ate some warm out of the oven, but then I ate the remaining ones cold with my lunch.


Carolina John said...

Looks like a great haul from the share this week!

jamie said...

Peaches excite me too--I swear I'm gonna make kale chips soon too!