June 08, 2011

Friday's Drawers - Small CSA, Small Post

This poor little blog is getting neglected!  Just not right....but yet I feel like I am writing ALL the time!

Anyway, we decided with 2 gardens going this year - a community garden plot at work and our little squarefoot garden at home - we decided to cut back to a small share.  Frankly, while the box is smaller, it was filled to the brim and this doesn't seem all that small to me.

The asparagus was roasted in EVOO and sea salt and devoured right away.  The onions were also roasted with some green peppers from last week, the baby bok choy was used with some scrambled eggs for dinner and there is still plenty left.  I think the rest will be a little stir fry with ginger, orange juice and soy sauce....unless anyone else has any ideas.

That seems to be the issue I have.  It's only been about a year and change since I really started cooking and I am finding that I keep going back to the same old same old.  I guess I just have to remember it was ALL new just that short time ago.

Now back the to share.  The sweet potatoes will get roasted when the temperature outside drops. (See more of the delicious same) Kale chips, and salad with the lettuce/tomatoe/cuke combo.  And those were some of the best blueberries I have ever eaten. Burp.

And the fiddle heads.....well hopefully they survived over the weekend and made it to a good home.  I just couldn't bare to try again.  Sorry heads.  Maybe next year. Or maybe I'll give them to some one to show me how to make them taste better.


Al's CL Reviews said...

Our salads are Spinach, Cukes and tomatoes...3 times a week. They used to be Caesar Salad Light (the bagged thing). We don't change.

I have lots of recipes on my blog, but none with unusual (to me) ingredients like kale.

Delane said...

I love fiddle heads!!! YUM! and the love the texture too.

Christy Z. said...

I am going to have to check out Al's recipes then head to Chicago so D can make them for me! So far my two attempts have been a bust. Blech.

Alison T said...

I wish MY CSA were delivering now :(. This is my first year, thanks for prompting me to try it. Our growing season is different than yours and our weather so wonky that everything is way behind... As for feeling like you are redoing things - yes, you will. We have about 100 dinners in our total rotation, and some get rotated in more than others. I have also found that you can only expand so far, that after a while every Mexican dish has corn, tomatoes, beans, cheese, cumin and chili powder in it, you know?! Truly new recipes that we will like are getting fewer and farther between. That's why I get so excited when I *do* find something new. Keep writing - even if you are doing some of the same stuff. People need to get the message! You rock.

Anonymous said...

what is a CSA ???

Christy Z. said...

CSA = Community Supported Agriculture