July 06, 2010

Feeling hot hot hot...in the heat sense only.

It got up up 100 today.  Hot hot hot.  Not a good running day and with the kids starting camp this morning, I knew it wouldn't be a day to do a 5 am run for fear that they would wake up with me, so I ran last night at 8:30pm.  

It was so darn hot, I decided for comfort over confidence and did the jog bra thing.  *Gasp*  

I learned 3 things about running in a jog bra only: 

1. It helps work your core; I sucked in that stomach the whole time.

2. I run faster even in the heat for fear that the slower I run the more opportunity people have to see the jiggle in my stomach.

3. I don't need reflectors because my whiteass tummy lights the way. 

That is all. Oh, one more thing.  Old navy has really cute jog bras on sale, like purple flower camo and bright tanks.  Again, keeps the focus off the midriff.

One of these days I will get back to talking about food.  But it is just too darn hot to cook.  PB&J anyone?

1 comment:

Delane said...

I often do the tank and tuck...i tuck the bottom part of my tank into my jog bra. Why I just don't take it off I don't know.

20 more lbs till I can run in just my jog bra. yeah!