September 07, 2011

Hi ya!

The fastinistas over at Another Mother Runner have been challenging and inspiring us with stories about "Why We Run."  Oh my!  There are so many runners and so many reasons and so many writers that we can go on and on about why we run. The series has been hilarious, rebellioustear-jerkingredemptive and ALL of them are inspiring.

I am honored that SBS and Dimity asked me to contribute.  You can read it here.

If you are coming here from there, welcome!

I would LOVE to hear about why you run.  I know why I run, but feel free to comment about what makes you lace up your pumped up kicks.

And after you run, maybe you could take a look around and see some of the odd looking produce I find in my CSA box every week and give me some tips on how to make them tasty?

Thanks for stopping by!


Carolina John said...

Fantastic! I was actually featured on their "another mother runner" back on Father's day. It's really cool.

that's a great article too. I also had a decent weight loss brought on by triathlon.

Julie said...

I found your blog from Another Mother Runner - I started running on May 31 of this year, which was my 39th birthday. I want to be thinner and in shape when I'm 40!! I'm running my first race this weekend - a 5 mile leg of a relay team in the local marathon. I've battled some injuries this summer, but I'm ready to go. Ater I see how this race goes, then I'll make a new goal!

I looked at your before/after page - you are very inspiring!!