July 26, 2012

Marking Progress.

One of the things that bothered me about my life on Weight Watchers was the connection to the scale. Sure, WW does promote 'NSV' (Non-Scale-Victories) but so much of what Weight Watcher is, is well...Weight. 

And if there ever was a a Watcher of Weight, it was me. 

My self worth  and my mood seemed tied to the scale. If it was down, I was up. If it was up, I was down.  Yo-yo dieting is more like yo-yo moods!  Somehow stepping on this battery operated measurement thing some how changed me even though it was just reporting the facts. 

It changed me because I let it.  

Meetings have certainly changed over time, sure, we still weigh in, but you don't have to go around the room saying if you were up or down that week like we did when I started WW the first time10 years ago. (Sheesh that was painful...yes, both the room thing and admitting I've been at this for 10 years!)

Even though the meetings aren't what they used to be, I want to take it a step further.  This go around, I am going to try hard to focus more attention on NSVs and measure my success in other ways. It worked well when I did couch-to-5k (clearly) so a new 6 week challenge is in order.


We do them every so often in my strength training class and every.single.time we do them (after the initial groan) I say, I really need to do between classes. So here is my chance. 

Here is how the 6week One Hundred Pushup program works - First you take an initial push test to see how many (in good form!) you can do in a row.  Then the next day you start your W1D1 (Week1 Day1) set based on your initial test.  There are 5 sets and a rest between each set with the last set maxing you out doing as many pushups as you can.  

There are only 3 workouts per week, so adding several pushups at the end of a run or before bed feels really doable and I think a better way to track progress. So I stared this week.  After the initial test, which I did 14 good-form pushups in a row (not bad) I did W1D1  yesterday. 

up to 5 push ups6 - 10 push ups11 - 20 push ups
SET 12610
SET 23612
SET 3247
SET 4247
SET 5max (at least 3)max (at least 5)max (at least 9)

Accountability is key, so here is me being accountable. Who wants to join me in being accountable and do the 100 push up challenge

Yesterday's Accountability Stats:
36 PPV eaten
9 APs earned
W1D1 hundred pushup challenge: 10/12/7/7/9 = 45 pushups


Tammy said...

Thanks for your honesty. It was really good for me to see today, I need the accountability too.

Carolina John said...

I'm all for some pushups. There's also a challenge to get 500 pushups in one hour, where you do 10 pushups every minute for the first 30 minutes, then 7 every minute for the remaining 30. Quite tough.

Good luck!