July 27, 2012

The Dreaded Weekend.

Yes, the dreaded weekend. Blasphemous! How dare I dread the weekend?!

Ok, not all of it is dreaded.  The time with my sweet love, my family, friends, going to the pool, a long run or working on a home project certainly isn't dreaded, not to mention the time away from work....but the lack of structure, the non-existent outlook reminders, the missing packed breakfast, lunch and snacks make food choices so.darn.difficult on the weekends and sometimes, yes, makes me dread weekends.

Maybe it is boredom or that my planner and my little tracker is not right in front of me the way it is on my desk, or maybe it is that I am around the kids' food and the pantry and the leftover franken-crusts, but whatever the reason, weekends and food are so tough. Or it could be that for me....


I am sure I am not the only one that feels this way. So if I am going to be on-program, really, really on-program I need some handy-dandy tips & advice to keep me mindful, present and the inevitable calling from the pantry --- "Chrrrisssty....come eat this coooornbreadd.....then granola then nutella+pb+banana covered tortilla then the camp snacks then...."

So here are some of the things I'm going to work to follow this weekend:

  • Eat a good breakfast.  During the week, I take my breakfast to work, which is usually greek yogurt & granola.  On the weekends, I get to cook...yay!  Except sometimes the kids really want pancake....oh irresistible!  I struggle to stay in portion control here.  So, for me, I am going to stick with my favorite green eggs concoction. 1 whole egg + 2 whites scrambled with sauteed onions and chard from the garden with EVOO, sea salt & pepper.  Gets the veggies in early!  And if the lovebugs want pancakes, fine, but I'll be freezing the remaining to keep me from nibbling away.
  • Drink Water. Lots of it!  One of my biggest pitfalls on the weekends is that I forget to drink water.  Seems silly, but I do. And then I get migraines from not drinking enough or I have terrible run from dehydration.  During the week I drink plenty.  My office is 10 ft from the water cooler, so there is no excuse at work.  And added bonus, what better way to get up and away from your desk than to head to the loo.  (Must be the London Olympics influencing me.) But at home, I forget.  So here is my plan  Set my phone alarm to go off every hour and make sure I get a swig. That is, until night time when I'll switch to the wine. Who needs alarm then!

  • Plan.  I love church, but coffee hour can be excruciating for introverts like me people with food issues like me.  Granted, we do lots of whole food, vegan type stuff - No Vienna Fingers here!  But still portions and finishing the kids food so it isn't wasted is my MO.  So a couple things I'll do here: Stick with the veggies, keep some weeklies or APs available, chose the small plate, or none and use a napkin and really, truly track. You bite it, you write it. Being grateful and really thinking about where the food comes from helps too.
There are several more tips I can think of, but frankly, I know myself well enough that if I make my list too long and overwhelming I'll have a harder time following it.  So, I will commit to cooking a good breakfast Sat morning, drink water, and plan to an extent for the inevitable snacking (and that bottle of wine....over the whole weekend of course!). 

Lastly, come Monday, I vow not to beat myself up if I don't follow these tips to a T.  

Yesterday's Stats
26+15 PPV eaten 
14 APs earned. (8 miles of h-u-m-i-d swamp-thing run worth of APs!) 

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MiddleKid said...

Great tips for staying on track on the weekend!