August 14, 2012

Oh my gosh, a garden post!

This summer we decided to forgo the CSA (hence no Friday's Drawers) and instead stick with BJs (they have a good selection of organics and now local produce), the garden, and supplement with our local  farmers market.  It isn't a huge market, but they have a good selection and are there every Sunday from 1-5 which is the perfect time for me and littles to browse and sniff cilantro and dill and peaches.

And what we don't get from the farmers market, I pick from the garden. This year is my second year with a plot at work and I would say it's been pretty successful.  I learned what we liked from our farm share last year and made sure to plant those things.  So we have lots of kale, chard, basil, tomatoes and a single pepper plant.  I just put in beets for the fall since I am loving this summer borscht Molly sent along.  (Will post this amazing recipe soon. Promise.)  Though, it won't be summer borscht by the time they come up, I think I can still get a good portion of the ingredients....hmm... I hadn't thought about that.  Roasted beets are always good too. 

Anyway, here are some pictures of the garden.  It is so nice to be around green after sitting in front of a computer screen all day.  I love going out and picking the cherry tomatoes for my salad and put them in right then an there.  But I have to remember to NOT do what I did the day I took these pictures....go out with said salad, already dressed, (the salad, not me...wait, I was dressed too, I mean...anyway) with dressing on the salad, set it down and instead of just picking tomatoes and going on my merry way, picking weeds too only to find a dressed salad completely cooked.  From fresh spinach to steamed in the August heat.  Oh well.  I still ate it anyway.  
Boatloads of basil!
Can I just say how I love the smell of my hands after picking the heads off all the basil!  If only they were made of mozzarella and olive oil instead.

I just got back from a run.  I think I am hungry.
Kale, chard, and peppers
Kale chips!

First time with tomatoes
I have never grown tomatoes before.  Cherries, yes, but my tomato plants have never survived.  I am so excited to have 5 plants with about a dozen fruits on them.  Yes!  

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Carolina John said...

That's a good looking garden! We had a small planting this year and didn't get much from it at all. Enjoy the harvest!