September 21, 2010

Change, Transition and Transformation

In my FCS community, every few months we have new sermon series; a theme that links the messages and our discussion topics in our services. If you remember back in February I wrote about the Lenten theme: Simple Shifts which was one of the factors that spurred on my cleanER eating and writing this blog.  

For the next several weeks, we will be discussing Change, Transition and Transformation. As the liturgist this last Sunday, I got to share my own thoughts on change. 

So about change. Yeah, not a fan. I like my routines; my schedules; my same greek yogurt and granola breakfast every morning; my pew two rows up from the back and on left. Change is uncomfortable for me, not safe. And I don’t like to deal with it.

And transition. Well, as I am sure most moms can attest to, transition – that time between 8 and 10 centimeters is called the ring of fire for a reason! Yowser!

But transformation. Oh, how I LOVE, love, LOVE transformations. I love before and after stories. I love reading and hearing about how people reflect on their lives and take a before (good or bad, it is all relative)….and transform it into this beautiful after. Their own resurrection stories. 

For me, I love looking back at my journey and seeing these huge seismic shifts in my life. Moving from being hugely in debt to being debt free. How miserable I was in my job before my layoff and how happy I am (and my family is) after; How sluggish I was almost 70lbs heavier than I am today. How unhealthy I was 9 short months ago eating all processed franken food, chugging 6-8 diet sodas a day to actually learning to cook and eat real food from our CSA and our first ever garden; Life before finding FCS and life after.

So many transformations and hopefully even more to come.

Yet here is the thing. I couldn’t have all these transformations if it didn’t start with a change and transition first. That would be like reading the last chapter of a book, but never actually investing in the characters or the story. Where is the fun in that?! Not to mention, do you really just want to read Revelations. Shyeah, I didn’t think so!

You, me, this church community,(this blogosphere community) we are midst of change, ok many CHANGES, transitions and transformations. Yet we need them all as we build, with the help of God our beloved selves, and our beloved community.

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