September 03, 2010

Friday's Drawers - A Bit of Normalcy

With back to school this week, I feel like we Z's are finally able to get back into a normal daily routine.

Where normal is...

One wee Z looking for the measuring cup of milk I forgot to leave in the fridge for his cereal and trying to pour it himself; one mama Z dropping the container of said cereal on the floor, shattering it to pieces; me trying to sweep it up, while the other wee Z wanting the crust off her bagel (??) but really only eating the cream cheese anyway; then me trying to make up my salad for my lunch since I lied yesterday and even though I said we do assembly line salads, that didn't actually happen this week; then one mama Z rushing back over with some hair ties and attempts at keeping wee Zs hair out of her face while wee Z clings to daddy Z for dear life, then finishes just in time to give each Z five, yes it must be five, kisses (and one big one) before walking out the door to my ride as I realize I am leaving sans make-up and running gear.

Yep.  Back to normal!  Finally!!

And what better box to kick off our fall farm share than a "normal" share this week.  I say "normal" because I actually recognized everything in the box this week. Even the shallots! (Ok, the arugula took me a sec since they were still with their stems.)

A normal box: eggplant, kale, celery, corn, green peppers, watermelon (Yay!)
tomatoes, arugula, shallots
We already had some of the corn last night (so sweet!) and one of the tomatoes went into my salad for lunch today. (I snuck a bite when good. I love real food.)

The plan for this here box-o-goodness?

I am definitely going to re-attempt to make the grilled eggplant dish once there is no fear of me blowing up the house once the grill is fixed.

The kale will probably be for the lentil soup - I'm going to try it with regular lentils rather than red this time around.  If it is good, we have a new baby in our first church fam and I am guessing the parents would like a night or two off from cooking.

And I just saw this post by Teresa over at Farm Share Stories and I am thinking that corn is going to be some chowdah.  And what the heck is more normal in New England than chowder.

Happy Friday!

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