September 02, 2010

Three Things Thursday: BJ's Tips

Heh.  Made ya click. 

I admit it. Every week giggle at the "BJ requests?" text David sends before heading out to our favorite warehouse store. Why would I go to Costco when I can be a BJ club member?  *giggle*

Since I like to keep the dirty for the mind and out of the pantry, I like to stock up on clean eats. And if it's cheap, even better.  

So for my inaugural "Three Things Thursday" I bring you my Cleaner BJ's List:

1. Greek yogurt.
I love me some greek yogurt. Nothing packs the protein (14g! and 0 fat!) in for the morning than my 6 oz of Chobani!  Add a little ho-made granola and you have yourself an awesome start to the day.  Love this stuff.  Hate the price.  Usually it retails for about $1.39, but I won't buy it from the store unless it is a buck each.  Because....BJs sells a peach/blueberry/strawberry 12 pack for $11.99.  Now if they would only start carrying 12 packs of honey....
2. Salad. Salad. Salad.  
I eat at least one, usually two salads a day.  If it isn't from the garden or the CSA, then it is definitely Olivia's. A big tub of Olivia's Organic salad makes up about 8-10 containers for me.  I add in a hand full of cherry tomatoes, a few craisins and pre-measured itty-bitty glad container of dressing and I have stacks of salad-to-go for lunch and dinner.  The night of a BJs run, there is a little salad assembly line going on in my kitchen. Quick and easy.  I like easy. I think these are about $5.99/1lb box. (have to double check with the shopper....) So worth it. 

3. Coffee 
And lastly, I NEED coffee.  Cleaned up coffee is pretty easy.  Look for fair trade organic. We take turns buying this big 'ol 2.5 lbs bag of coffee for the office. I like the taste of the Earth's Pride Organic Sumatra.  Usually I get sick of the same kind of coffee over and over, but after going through 5 bags over the last 6 months or so, we still like it. 

If these BJ tips don't put a smile on your face, then get me something stronger than coffee and I'll dish then, go google Camille Crimson, (NSFW!) and she'll give you her own.  Um....not that I would know anything about that. 

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David A. Zuzelo said...

Ah...good linkin' there sweets :)
I would recommend the Kona coffee as much as the Earth's Pride, though it is not certified organic I guess. Even though you buy in bulk the two offer a little variety to bounce back and forth between.

This blogger must have a BJ's membership, and the reviews of the coffee are pretty even handed.

Scan through and you can find pretty much all of them, with higher ratings going to Kenya AA via BJ's store brand. I think we'll be trying that one out soon. Since I'm pretty much drinking a pot a day, a man need variety and exotic spices on occasion.

I think you could do quite a few entries on BJ's and the products you can find at good prices-might be worth a trip. Plus, they know our kids at the deli counter, and during long waits have been known to provide them with sandwiches!

Yeah, BJs rock...because you know I'm a three time a week aficionado. And I shop there too!