November 01, 2010

Friday's Drawers - How do you like them apples?

Back to our roots!
You can tell it is fall when our local farm share starts sending more root veggies than greens.

A bit ago Simon bit into an apple that we peeled up for him from the BJ's bag from the fridge then promptly stated, "This isn't organic, I don't like it." Then went back to the fridge to pick his own apple from the farm share. 

I don't think we can ever go back to getting non-organic apples from the store again. The kid can actually taste the difference. 

And he's right.  Dang, those are good apples!  

Now before he takes a bite from any apple we give him, he asks, "Is this organic?"

While a farm share is a great way to get organic produce, it isn't always possible. (Though Enterprise Produce does have a year-round share. Just sayin'.) Here is a resource we use (or try DID those apples get in our fridge...mmmm) to remember what to buy organic and what you can buy organic when you can.  

Image from mypapercrane

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Anonymous said...

How can I get my future kids to say things like that?
And he's totally right...when I was a kid my mom and I had this exact same conversation, but it was about carrots.