October 28, 2010

Three Things Thursday: Tricks to Avoid Treats

Licking the screen is 0 points and won't get you to the
center of the tootsie pop.  It just makes you a freak.  
Last night....me in the basement, changing over the laundry, David pops on down to chat me up....

D: Did you see?
Me: See what?
D: The Halloween candy.
Me: No.
D: I hid it from you down here so you wouldn't find it.
Me: But you just pointed it out to me!

Halloween marks the begin of the all things food season. For me, it starts with Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas, then New Years.

It's no wonder that according to a Tufts University Study, weight gain during the 6-week holiday season explained 51% of annual weight gain. For those of normal weight it's only about a pound over this period, not the 7-10 that people usually think, but for those already overweight it is closer to a 5lb gain. And unfortunately, it doesn't seem to come off.

So, in honor of Halloween, here are 3 things to avoid the over-indulgence of Halloween candy.

1. If candy is your weakness, buy it only on the day of Halloween and then give it away the day after - to places like Special Kindness in Packages, Inc. (SKIP) who will send it to our troops overseas.

2. Give out pencils and stickers and such instead.  Kids love stickers and parents might appreciate the lack of sugar (and hyperactivity) in the house.  Especially if THEY are ALSO trying to steer clear of the candy bowl.

3. Remember Halloween is just one day.  Thanksgiving is just one day. Christmas is just one day. New Years is just one day.  Mark those days on the calendar, and any other must-go-to-for-fear-of-jobloss/friendloss/inheritanceloss party, and plan for it.

Honestly for me this year, I am just not going to start. If I eat one pack of fun sized m&ms, I know me well enough to know I will eat 10. So, best not to start.

What tricks do you have up your costumed-sleeve to avoid treats?

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Douglas A. Waltz said...

No tricks, I'll have candy this weekend, but I can;t stand more than a little of it, especially peanut butter kisses. I agree with each holiday being a single day, with the exception of Thanksgiving. Those leftovers seem to stretch for about a week. :0)