December 03, 2010

Friday's Drawers - Birthday Suit

Holy produce!
I have been overwhelmingly humbled today with all the birthday wishes and new followers from RLAM after yesterday's Follow This Mother honor! It is truly amazing to find such an awesome group of people!  I hope you'll stay and comment because goodness knows I have *NOT a CLUE* what to do with all these potatoes! I need some help.

Or this big turnip! I think it's a turnip. (Yes just looked in our CSA's newletter.  It is a scarlet turnip.)

That is one funky looking turnip.

I will say this....A wonderful birthday surprise, Zero Point grapefruit!  It took all my energy hold off on eating one of these bad boys until after I took the picture!

ZERO point grapefruit!  I <3 WeightWatchers PointsPlus

The kids have actually given up on the mini carrots from the BJs.  They'd rather have me peel the funky ones from their farmer.  These really do make the best soups.

In the mean time, since it is my birthday, I am going to have this glorious chocolate rum bunt cake that my co-worker made for me, including a Chocolate Rum Glaze!  

Yeah, that isn't zero points.....but it was tasty!  Now all we needed was that 30 proof whipped cream before it's taken off the shelves!

Thanks for staying and reading. And seriously, if you have ideas on potatoes, even how to store them so the last longer.... please for all things spud, pass them on!  


1 potato, 2 potato, 3 potato, 4......


jilliusc said...

hahaha! I have a big bunch of potatoes from our CSA as well. Plus two giant rutabagas! What do I do with that?! I made my mom's recipe for "scalloped potatoes with SPAM" this week. Ack! I would never, ever eat SPAM, except in my mom's recipe. And only one serving. Not points friendly! As far as the rest, maybe mashed potatoes for my family or a light version of hash browns to go with my CSA eggs! I completely understand regarding the carrots. Once the season is over, I buy and peel my own. Good luck!

Delane said...

Can you make a pan of scalloped potatoes and freeze for later use on a night you don't want to cook? You could just pop it in the oven.

I also make hash brown that I freeze and then use on the weekends with brunch. Thrown in zucchini and carrots with them.

Pre made potato dishes tend to freeze well.

Potato soup.
Oven roasted potatoes
Mashed potatoes
Home made potato chips.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! I love your blog, and thanks for the inspiration!

Carolina John said...

Happy birthday! and congratulations on all of your accomplishments. I'm a huge SBS and RLAM follower.

Just Jo said...

I am going to make a big crockpot full of potatoes, canned green beans (from my mother's garden) and ham. Let it simmer away until the potatoes are tender and enjoy. That's the recipe. :)