December 19, 2010

Bruiserific - Boston Training Update

One week training down and already a little off schedule.  

Instead of running my long run Sat morning, I took a trip to the chiro for treatment for my ITband.  He used two techniques, Active Release Technique (ART) and Graston Technique) to work out the massive knot that was in the middle of my ITband as well as some tension in my hip. 

Essentially, the active release was like a really intense massage or foam roll on the muscle while still working stretching it out.  So the muscles were working while he work out the golf ball sized knot.  

I certainly left feeling like I'd just been tenderized by a meat clever.  And I have some bruises to prove it.....

At the same time I can feel the knot is much looser. With a $15 dollar co-pay, I am definitely going back for more treatments rather than that massage last week where I got blabbed for an hour like I was getting my hair done when I was trying to relax.  

Even though I'm a little off plan, I was able to swap Sat/Sun and did my planned 7 miles this evening since I didn't get out yesterday.   And the 7 came a helluva lot easier with those muscles worked out. A few more treatments and I think I will be back to normal.

As for the music AGAIN!  All week sans music. Shocker. Instead, "knees down, breathe, heels up, breathe." was my mantra; visualized my legs at a locomotive going in a circle; keeping my abs engaged and channeling the chi. Seems like it is working....but the calves were *wicked* tight.  So rollin' the calves with the Izzybean. And yes, that is a pvc pipe.

As of today, 18/543 miles down, 1 strength training session, one chiro appointment, 1/2 of Chi Running read and $490/$10,000 raised for Dana-Farber.

Thanks for all the encouraging words and donations!


Delane said...

Dang ouch!!!

Tammy said...

Ditto. Ouch!

I love the picture with the pvc pipe. So reminds me of the way my kids were before they became moody teenagers. :)

susan#'s said...

ouch! I *hate* the foam roller with a passion.