December 09, 2010

Three Things Thursday: Get down, Get Down

This probably explains a lot, but there were only three vinly LPs I remember my parents having when I was a kid: The Beatles White Album, St. Louis Jesuits Earthen Vessels and Kool and the Gang, Greatest Hits. Random. I know.

I used to think it was funny to sing "Banana, I love you" instead of "Joanna"  I guess even then I was singing the praises of zero point fruits....

Anyway, I am sure my parents had several albums besides these, but these were the only three I remember. But now it is time to Get down, get down. Get down, get down [trumpet riff].

1. Get down to the basement!  I wasn't going to run last night. But Sarah threw down to me and the C25K grads to see if we can tally up 20 miles between us, and I don't back down from a challenge.  So down to the basement I went.  Phone in hand to txt the grads to  make sure they knew how much this TM workout pained me motivate them to do the same.

Oh man, the treadmill was covered in laundry!

Laundry removed, plugged in, tunes back in.  I may run outside with no music, but there is no way in hello....and the light flashes above me.  David's code that a kid is up and I'm needed upstairs.

Yup, I got one mile in when Izzy woke up, got her back to bed, in our bed (I know, I know!), me dripping with sweat ( sheets) and then I actually went back down to finish 2 more miles. WHHHAAA????

It was 11pm by the time I was done. Honestly, if it weren't txting Deb saying "We only regret the runs we DON'T do" and her txting back with TM funnies, I don't think I would have gone back down. Thank you Deb. You are my westcoast-TM rockstar!

2. Get down the salad cals. Actually not salad, but dressing. Many people dip their fork in and then take a bite, sure that is all well and good, especially at a restaurant (order on the side!) but I still feel like I will still finish off the rest, say with a chunk of bread or something.  So at home, I eat my salads from a container with a lid, measure the dressing, pour it on (it looks like so little!) put the lid back on and shake that sucker up. Coats all the lettuce and the fixin's. Perfect!

3. Get down the $$$. I love Thursdays for two reasons: Farm share pick up and Supermarket Flyer day! (sigh. I actually used an ! with that statement.)  With 6 grocery store chains in our 5 mile radius (gotta love urban sprawl) there are plenty of options for sale items. And with so many chains now carrying organics, it is easy to find deals to supplement the farmshare. If you want an easy way to know where to go and what to put on your list, sign up for your local grocers flyers to be emailed to you.  It makes shopping with purpose much easier. And cheaper!

Oh, and for the record (groan) my first album: Culture Club.  See.  I toldya it explains a lot.

What was your first record/cassette/cd? Sorry...or 8-track. :o)


Kathleen said...
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Kathleen said...

Yikes! The things that make an impression on your kids!!! I had totally forgotten about Kool and the Gang...and then there was the Frank Zappa period, which, thankfully, you didn't remember. :-)

BabyWeightMyFatAss said...

Sean Cassidy was my first album. I even saw him in concert when I was like 6 or something lol.

Liz D. said...

My first tape that I bought with my own money was Debbie Gibson - "Electric Youth". I was about 9 and I had such a crush on her!

Kelley said...

INXS Kick? Maybe the Beatles? I had the tape-so, so cool.
I do remember riding around with mom and dad listening to 8 tracks of Kenny Rogers and Neil Diamond. Classic.

Tammy said...

My first album was probably the Mickey Mouse Mouse Factory or Disco Duck. LOL

My first cassette, I remember very well. It was Michael Jackson's Thriller. :)

DebKAtkins said...

Love that we stuck together on the TM running!!! 1st album? Captain and Tenille, baby! Remember Muskrat Love? Had a whole dance routine worked out for Love Will Keep Us Together. Album #2 was Barry Manilow!