March 26, 2011

The last long run of training!  Bring on the taper!

Going in, I wasn't feeling quite the confidence as the two (albeit unplanned) 18 milers. Yes, there were even some tears that leaked out during strength training Friday.  A lunge the wrong way and I knew things weren't working the way my mind wanted them too. And the tightest hamstrings I've had so far. Ever.  Add in lack of runs for various reasons and a 7 mile treadmill attempt on Thursday night that ended up as a 3 miler and not a great one at that. But I hoped once I got moving it would be a good run. Talking to some of my running mates this week, we were all feeling the little aches and pains here and there. I certainly wasn't alone in that front.

So this was one run I was definitely ready to be over - even by the turn around I could feel my left knee was going to need some TLC this week. Still, it was definitely a confidence builder - and with heart break in the last mile, if you are a close friend to me - BELIEVE ME when I say your name was in my head running up that last hill.

The run started at Boston College (mile 21 of the course) and we ran out 10 miles to Wellesley College and then back to BC.  Early on, we could tell that there were several groups that were running from Hopkington into BC because we started passing runners going the opposite direction.  And by the time we got into Newton, there were runners & cheerers everywhere.  My favorite sign was "Your feet hurt because you are kicking so much butt."

The support on the run was fantastic, not only was the regular Dana-Farber team out there, but the police were out there directing traffic letting us run through the major intersections, tables for all the charity runners, retailers everywhere- still loved the lululemon chick with the batman underoos on over her tights.  Hawt.

Oh and note to anyone who does the course backwards then forwards, it really is double the hills - what goes down must go back up!

We celebrated the run afterwards over at Molly's for her fantastic peach fuzz party (what a GREAT way to celebrate!) and then enjoyed even more good eats with good friends out for dinner.

Now, if only I could get up & down the stairs a little bit smoother.....


Matthew Miller said...

Way to go! Love the taper.... ahhhh.

Delane said...

great job!!