March 25, 2013

Day 1. Bite it, write it.

I started this new job, which is AWESOME, thanks for asking, but in the process of change, transition, yadda yadda, running has taken a detour (not for long with Beach to Beacon on the horizon), eating has been meh (darn you Easter Reese's Eggs!) and there seems to be food around every corner in every kitchen (And there are a lot of kitchens). It would be easier if it wasn't such good food..... wait, why am I complaining????

Anyway, I've added a couple, ok, a few, ok....10lbs I would really like to get back before 10 becomes 15, becomes 20....becomes 70.

AND I have a whole new motivation. I gave some lovely ladies at work a link to TheOuterAisle and after the shock of "OMG I can't imagine you 70 lbs heavier!" (60 at this point, but who is counting but me....) we agreed to keep each other accountable. Accountability is so key. Plus one of the lovelies lets me practice my Spanish with her, so total win-win!

So I'll be emailing them with day one advice, which is simple:

Start small. Write everything down. we eat. I say we because I am totally on this bandwagon.

We bite it, we write it.
We drink it, we ink it.

I don't care how you track.... online, apps, excel, calories, points, pencil and paper. It doesn't matter, just write it down. One day. Write it all down. Don't worry, we'll add more later, but one day, one NEW item today.  And we'll see you back here tomorrow to see how we did.

Pura Vida!

I don't need an app or an appetizer, just a utensil, a writing utensil. 


Cindy Skiles said...

Good to see you blogging again! I'm sure your new found motivation will get those pounds off pronto. HUGS!!!!!

Christy Z. said...

Thanks Cindy!

Dawn said...

What Cindy said...missing you!