April 01, 2013

W2 Day 1. The weigh in.

The scale and I have a love hate relationship. On the one hand, I am a total data girl, I love tracking information, and if you think about it, our bodies are like machines producing lots and lots of information. Hook us up to a counter/ tracker/scale and we will deliver. I've tracked distance, steps, pounds, heart rate, mood, repetitions, calories, points, weight...my height stays the same for now and I will take calcium every night to keep it that way! It isn't just about tracking, but then analyzing what we tracked.

So today, after a long Easter weekend with lots of Easter events, some I tracked and some I lazily tracked ( in my head till I lost count) which really isn't tracking, I am not surprised at the scale.

I had a gain this week.

But the scale is not me. It is not my mood. It is what it is and I will not let it dictate my mood.


So today's Easter morning task is to drink plenty of water and going on a mini-detox, getting rid of all the salt, sugar and build ups from this weekend and keep moving onward.

Detox the brain of negative thoughts. Detox the body of the Easter abundance. That is a resurrection in of itself.


Water + light = Resurection.
*by Izzy B. via Paper on Easter Sunday

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Carolina John said...

Happy easter! I also indulged a bit to much, showed a gain that I really didn't want, and need to do the same detox. thank you so much for that approach.