April 03, 2013

W2.D4. Is your why bigger than your but(t)?

Yesterday, I talked about my why. Why it is that I want to continue on this sometime arduous, sometimes rewarding journey. Love and Gratitude is the short answer, but it took some time to get there and I encourage you to find your short answer but really dig and get there the long way around.

Anyway, love and gratitude is great, but (butt) it doesn't shed the weight or cut my marathon time.

So, dear Christy, what does cut the weight or shed time off my PR?


What is ONE thing, just ONE thing that you will commit to tomorrow, just tomorrow?

Here are some ideas:
Drink half your weight in ounces of water.
Take your lunch to work.
Eat the lunch you took to work.
Go to the gym.
Track your food for the day.
Dance with your kids and get all the sillies out.
Bring your sneakers to work, or put them by the door.
Use them.

Just pick one.

A colleague of mine used to say "if everything is important than nothing is." So for real, all you overachievers out there.....You are only to pick ONE!

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