April 02, 2013

W2.D3. My Why.

Yesterday I said I would share my "why" so here goes.

I don't ever want my children to hate their bodies like I hated my own.

I thought I wanted to lose weight so I could fit in my wedding dress. And I did, but I gained it back and then some with my first pregnancy. Then I wanted to fit back in my clothes so I lost weight again. But I gained even more back with pregnancy number 2, weighing 210 at my first weight watchers meeting AFTER my sweet baby girl was born.

Finally enough was enough.

I decided to lose weight (and keep it off) because I didn't want to suffer any more. I started this blog for me and for others so that they don't have to suffer in silence anymore either.

I hope one day if my children ever chose to read this blog/journal that they know that I love them with all my heart and I will do anything to keep them from suffering in this way. Don't get me wrong, they will suffer, everyone does, and I can't always protect them from suffering, but I hope it is not in this way. I hope they never hate themselves or their bodies.

Yet, while we all suffer, we all survive the same. And I want to SHOW them how to survive.

Survival = Love + Gratitude.

Survival starts with loving oneself. I want to show them that I love myself. That I love my body. That I am grateful for the body God gave me. To show my love and gratitude, I honor and treat my body with respect by feeding it good food, moving it, and letting it rest when it needs rest.

My why is because I want to show my children how to survive with love and gratitude.

What is yours?

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Carolina John said...

that's a great approach. I also try to show my kids that loving yourself and being comfortable with yourself (flaws and all) is more important than any other kind of image that you can put out there.