April 05, 2013

W2.D5 The Wrappers.

I'm on the train and I'm hungry. My mental check list is going .....

protein? can of tuna in my salad. check.
veggies? spinach salad. check.
good carbs? yep, granola. check.
water? ummmmm..... 2 coffees and one 11oz bottle according to my tracking.

Not good.

Fast forward 2 hours later, my dinner was bigger than normal and I totally failed the FLAB test and reached for the left over Easter candy. This time it was the F'n F. Kids wild before bed and bam. Wrappers everywhere!

But in trying to look on the positive side and how to handle these inevitable situations here is something we can do. While abstinence is best, sometime candy is too tempting. If you find yourself going for the candy, try this: leave the wrappers out so you can see how much you've eaten. Not as a punishment, but to track and move on.

On the bright side....

[imagine sounds of elephants running and lions fighting above our head]
Me: I'm self soothing with chocolate.
David: where did you find those?
Me: the bottom of the Easter basket. Want some?
David: No, but I had I know those were there earlier, they'd be gone.

Good deed for the day: I ate all the candy before anyone else did. :-/


Carolina John said...

haha, so glad to know you're looking out for the family by taking care of this candy problem. I've been the real family man too over the last week. So many wrappers just thrown away...

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