March 25, 2010

Pass the beano, please

You can't plan everything.  If only.  *sigh*  

I didn't get to make the potatoes I planned to make on Tuesday night for Wednesday's dinner, so we had to punt last night.  

The choices: reheat some frozen meals from the ghost-of-meals past or dig through the pantry.  The kids chose the pantry.  

Here is what we created.  *S* picked the ingredients. 

Trader Joe's low-carb whole wheat tortillas (these things are so pliable, the best I've found so far)
Cheddar Cheese, shredded
Corn & black bean salsa
1/4 Avocado (TJs has a bag of 4 for 3 bucks)
Leftover rice 
Can o' black beans, rinsed (Yes, these did come from a can.  I recently bought a pressure cooker to make my own.)

*googling how to make and can beans*

Maybe some day we'll can.  Yeah, some day. Ya gotta walk before ya run, right?
Anywhoo...I put the beans in the micro with some water, salt, pepper, a little cumin, rice and cooked them up Tico style.

The nuked the tortillas & cheese for 20 seconds and put the concoction on the tortilla for the kids.  The review?  *S* says: Very tasty.  

He ate the rest of his sister's avocado.  

The Tally....
NI: 435cals/18g fat/8g fiber
Cost: about $1.60 for 2 burritos 


Mia said...

This sounds delicious and if I could date Trader Joe's I would.

Christy Z said...

You and me both, Mia! It's a 3m run there and back. There really is no excuse *not* to get a 5k in with the stroller, right?

I think I am going to have to make TJs yellow curry goodness with tofu and post that this weekend.