March 26, 2010

Thai one on!

Thai take out is my kryptonite. Especially Siam Delight.


Three problems with this:

1. Siam is 40 miles away (ok, so not really a problem when you are trying to steer clear)
2. It's 'Spennnnnsive!
3. I am clueless on what actually goes into and exactly how many points/calories are in my lovely yellow curry tofu. (I usually save up my 35 weeklies and count them all just in case.)


I have found the next best thing! In fact TWO next best things.

*heavens open*


TJ's Red Curry Sauce and TJ's Yellow Curry Sauce.

So here is another learning experience. I eat tofu take out all the time.

I'd never actually made it until about a month ago when I had my come-to-Jesus eating lifestyle transformation.

So how does one make tofu and make it like Siam Delight?

Again, google is your friend.

And another thing, tofu is cheap!  $1.49 for a lb of TJs organic tofu!?

Ready for the recipe portion of our blog....

TJ's Organic firm tofu
2 Tbsp of canola oil
Grape tomatoes
1 onion (cut into chunks)
1 red pepper (cut into chunks)
TJ's Red curry sauce
Cilantro for garnish
Jasmine Brown rice

Cut the tofu into rectangles and dry them with a paper towel. One person suggested to put the tofu beteen a few towels and then put a telephone book on top.  Whatever gets them dry.


When I was on WeightWatchers, I always struggled to get my GHG's (Good Healthy Guidelines).  These include things like 2 servings of milk, 2 servings of healthy oils (canola, olive, flaxseed, safflower, or sunflower).  It's kinda hard when you only eat things from a box.  Anyway, using canola or olive oil (not vegetable oil) to cook veggies and tofu is an excellent way of getting these in. 

*sidebar complete*

Cut the dried tofu into squares and fry them with 1 Tbsp of canola oil. About 10 minutes on each side until they are light brown. Meanwhile cut up the red pepper and onion in to chunks. 

Remove them from the pan and put them on a paper towel. 

Fry up the red peppers, onions and tomatoes for about 2-3 minutes. 

Add the tofu back in.

Pour in the Red curry sauce.

Remember, I am a cheapassmama, so I add water to the bottle (about halfway full) and pour that in with the veggies and tofu. 


Serve over cooked jasmine rice. 

And because portion control is an issue for me.  I put the leftovers in containers right away. 

I will never pay $10.50 for Thai take out again. OK, that's a lie. But at least I will have plenty for lunch next week. 

The Tally....
NI: 319 cals/9g fat/5g fiber/13g protein
A meal for 6 cost about $7.25; much cheaper than take out. 


Mia said...

Ok, this is amazing. I can't wait to try it since Thai is my kryptonite as well (both calorie-wise and money wise). Perfection, I am drooling just looking at your pictures!

Christy Z said...

So true! One of those little containers is my lunch today. I love the yellow curry sauce and I add chunks of pineapple and grape tomatoes. It is pretty darn close to the take out version.