March 23, 2010

You mean I haven't been eating FOOD??

I used to be obese. According to my doctor. Ok, and any BMI indicator.

5' 6 1/2" and 210 lbs. Yeah, I guess that is a little more than overweight.

BUT I lost 60 lbs. on WeightWatchers for my wedding back in 2004. Eating only packaged foods. You know, WW egg mcmuffins, diet sodas, deli sandwiches, and lean cuisines. I didn't even eat fruit because why waste 1 point on fruit when you could have a skinny-cow ice cream for a mere 2 points! Yet zero point carrots were ok. But from a can.

Put 40 lbs back on after baby #1. Lost (most of) it on packaged foods.

Put 46 lbs back on after baby #2. And lost it again on more packaged foods and finally officially hit goal (after 5 years) in Sept. 2009 (just in time for my brother's wedding...coincidence??).

So I am now at a healthy weight, but am I really THAT healthy? 6 Diet sodas a day, 8 packets of equal in my multiple cups of coffee, lean cuisines for lunch and dinner? That is a lot of artificial crap running through my system.

Here's the thing. I don't know how to cook. I don't know how to do portion control. Everything I am used to eating has come pre-packaged, pre-sliced, pre-cooked and pre-measured. But I finally realized if I am going to keep this weight off I have learn (or re-learn) how to eat.

The days of frankenfood.are.over.

So, this is my cleaner eating journey. Real food. Bought in the outer aisle of the grocery store and my CSA. I hope you will join me! Enjoy!

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