October 14, 2010

Three Things Thursday: Double Trouble

Is it really Thursday already?  That means my race is *GASP* only 1...2...21/2 days away!

And my three things...

1. DoubleWhew. NO STRESS FRACTURE!!! Woot! Had the x-rays done yesterday and the doc said it is probably a strain. The taped compression moved the pain away from my tendons and up to my ankle & arch, but he expects it to subside & heal over the next 2 weeks as long as I stay in shoes (not flats) pretty much all the time. So no VFFs for awhile me thinks. Then s-l-o-w-l-y back into them. (Please help keep my honest on this one! My over enthusiastic self got the better of me.) Oh and he said I had strong runner's feet. Ooo la la.

This also means I am good to go for the half marathon on Sunday in Newport, RI.  Anyone want to come cheer me and my bud Sarah on? I guarantee a sweaty hug just for you. Remember, I have sex-ay runner's feet. Oh yeah, he said strong. Same thing.  

I wish I had a pic from yest, Simon and Izzy
were in their Thing 1 & Thing 2 sweatshirts.
2. Double Stroller Nightmare. On the heels (heh. I slay me.) of my non-run-threating diagnosis, I took the kiddos (5 & 3) on a run in the new-to-me double jogger. What better way to celebrate than to push 100 lbs of kid + stroller around my neighborhood, right? At about 2.5 miles in we hit a bump in the sidewalk and BAM! the front tire came off, the frame pierced the wheel, the kids jerked forward then back since they were securely strapped in and my shin hit the back frame leaving a hefty bruise (yes, on the SAME leg that just got cleared from the stress fracture.) 

I *almost* let Simon go with just the lap straps; he was struggling with the shoulder belt, but I had both kids in shoulder straps thank goodness! That could have been way worse than just a bruise. (PSA: Always fully strap the kids in and check the tires. This goes for quick release bikes too!)

The kids were so good when they got out so I could fix the jogger. They listened to the iluv player - Dynamite over and over (which Izzy had me sing to her as she fell asleep. Ahh the joys of a mothah runnah play list) while I put the flatten wheel back on (very, very securely) and headed home.

Running and pushing 100lbs of kid + stroller is tough, but doing it with a flat front tire, that is just.....(Enter choice words here.)

Eh, between the adrenaline and the pushing, I burned about 150 more cals than normal on a 4miler. Does that negate the pumpkin pie I ate? :-/

3. Double your batch - Call it carb loading or just plain mmm mmm good. But I am loving LOVING my ho-made chicken noodle soup these days. I snapped this pic and sent to David so he could stop at the store and know which containers to pick up to freeze up some of these bad boys.

Note, these containers totally rock for several reasons. 1. you get portion controlled soup. (2 cups is my meal.) 2. They stack easily. 3. Twist offs are easier to deal with after being frozen. 4. When you give away soups, you can give perfectly portioned and select varieties. Call it soup tithing. :)


Emmy Roo said...

I've just discovered the joys of soup, mostly because of the non-joys of unemployment. (Yes, still looking for jobs out here.) Soup is easy and you can make a TON of it and freeze it and it lasts forever and is hella cheap. Bean soup in particular is extra filling and incredibly cheap, but we still have some homemade chicken noodle in the freezer that we're thawing for dinner tonight. I've discovered that the trick is to pack as many veggies in as possible. Parsnips, carrots, celery, parsley, fennel . . . the more veggies, the more complex the flavor, and the less salt it seems to need. (I don't know about you, but I'd much rather get my sodium from yummy plant juices than the salt shaker!)

Christy Z said...

Oooo Em! Yes! I am loving soup too! Butternut squash, lentil chard, and the chicken noodle have been my faves of late. But kale white bean is in the freezer. Oh and that celeriac soup was good last season....and potato leek. I should start a soup tag!

Hope all is well in CA! Good luck with your studies and the job search!

Risa said...

where did you get these containers from?