October 21, 2010

Three Things Thursday: Support

The race recap is coming, I promise....I am just waiting for more race photos from the event which assure us they will be up online by 5pm today.  In the mean time, I figured I would jot down a couple things on support.

So for Three Things Thursday, I give you support.

1. A friend in need...
There is just something about community, especially when it comes to weight loss, getting active, or for me, running. I love knowing that there are others that know what I'm going through, give me fresh ideas or talk me off the ledge. My community helps me stay accountable, gives support, creates mini goals and we laugh a lot.  It was the weeks/months/years that I didn't check in when the gains came.

Here are a couple challenges/ideas I like.
  • Find a group (real or virtually) to check in; I like online message boards, daily mile, emails to friends, and weightwatchers@work as my go to for check ins. 
  • 2500 challenge - Each week we try to burn 2500 calories; we wear a heart rate monitor (I have a Polar FT4) and post our daily/weekly burns
  • Tracking challenges - did you track? Um. no.  Well get tracking! 
  • Find a work out buddy.
2. Been there done that
Once you reach your goal, whether it is weight loss, or a PR on your race, find someone to help get their goal.  I love how good it feels to help someone else accomplish their goals too.

3. Live at the Improv 
And the winnner for best supporting actress is....random headband! Yesterday, I planned on a 4miler at lunch, but as I took my running gear out to go change, I realized I forgot something vitally important for the girls.

So in a pinch, headbands work to support the girls and keep them in place on a 4miler. I wouldn't recomend it for much longer.

Note, I must have a very large head or....nvm. Sigh.

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