October 07, 2010

Three Things Thursday: Me. Alone. In the office. With Brownies!! *&%$

Probably not a news flash here, but I love sweets.

Especially chocolaty ones. Fresh baked brownies, cookies, cake. Really anything with anything chocolate. Say...nutella. Straight from the jar. With a spoon. Which is why I don't keep chocolate in the house.

Except the nutella.


And if I bake, I do what my co-worker did to us today. Bake then bring the rest to work.

Wait. That's what I do.

Shoe's on the other foot today. Argh.

Normally, I would say I have some exercise options so a brownie wouldn't be so bad, but I am still working off the freak out, eat everything in sight like spoonfuls of nutella because I am so friggin' frustrated gain from not running for 10 days.

No brownies for you! (Said in my best soup nazi voice)

And I don't know about you, but for me, there is something about being alone with food that is makes it even worse.

If no one *sees* me eat it, it didn't happen right?  The worst eating is the kind that happens at the fridge or pantry in secret.

Which brings me to the three (of many) things that I do to keep from face planting in a plate of brownies especially when alone.

1. Plate it.  If I am going to have a treat, I really should plate it, take it to the table and eat it (and enjoy it) rather that eat standing at the counter, pantry or with the freezer door open and a cold spoon in my mouth licking up all the evidence.

2. Do something with my hands. *Ahem* I don't care what I am doing, but they better not be going for the food.  I cannot tell you how many baby and prayer blankets I crocheted while trying not to think about the ice cream treats that were in the freezer. One friend (check that...hawt friend) said she is working on her sex-ay little Halloween costume. Sex-ay and little is keeping her mind on her goal weight and bedazzling it at night when the cravings hit is keeping her hands occupied.  Of course she is making Katy's cupcakes....Wouldn't that increase your cravings, Em?  Right now I am blogging. So that works. Typing is keeping me away from said brownies. Now I must avoid picking one up on the way out the door.....

3. Gross myself out.  Did you ever read She's Come Undone by Wally Lamb?  (Side note: If ever there was a man that could write like a chubby chick; it's Wally.) There is this scene where she describes how she imagines food she doensn't want to eat. I won't give it away because it is pretty gross, and well, I do like food but I want to like good for me food.  I guess you could argue that all the additives and chemicals and whatnot in box mixes is pretty gross, but if that doesn't work, I think of communal food as covered in cold, germs and ickyness. This also usually works (usually) for my kids pb crusts and other 1/2 eaten things that I go to pop in my mouth.

Forget about will power.  This is definitely *want* power.

I want to stay at goal.

I want to eat other things that won't make me feel sluggish and crave even more.  There is no way I can eat just one. uh-uh.  not.gonna.happen.

I want to put energy in my body that is going to help me think, run, and feel good. But dang they do smell good!

What kinds of things do you do to keep from face planting in your treat of choice?


Neil D Vokes said...


Dawn said...

It's the brownies that do me in, too! If you manage to stay away from them, I'm super impressed. You can do it!!! Show me it's possible! :)

Amy F. said...

My favorite treats are fresh from the oven - any variation of carbs will do. Tonight my daughter is making corn muffins...I grabbed my laptop, headed behind closed doors and decided to see if anyone wrote something to distract me.

Um, not working. Smells come under doors!

Happily I found these particular muffins in the online tracker, and realized that I have enough points for the muffins and butter too!

Christy Z said...

LOL @ smells come under doors! LOVE corn bread.

So I did manage to stay away. And am extremely grateful because my boss came in today with a going on 2 day migraine that she attributes to the multiple brownie indulgence. She like me, cannot eat just one, and once you start there is no staying away. I can't believe I went over to smell them. It took all my "want" power not to pick up a crumb...and then a brownie...and then the plate...

For a lower point filling baked good carb, try coffee cake with fat-free greek yogurt like honey flavored instead of butter or oil.