January 05, 2014



I was very humbled by the people that reached out to thank me for writing again.  Your hugs and prayers and candles and thoughts have meant a lot to me. 

I have the most amazing friends. I love you guys.  I feel warm like a cozy, healing blanket.

One good friend commented my posts have been pretty heavy, no pun intended of course!

So today I figured a salad post would lighten things up a bit.

This has been my go to staple.

When one gives up sugar, wheat and dairy - fresh greens is one of the few foods one can eat. But who wants to chew like a cow eating cud????

The trick is to chop the heck out of the salad.  

But first, please pick green GREENs. Iceberg lettuce has barely ANY nutritional value. And no taste.  I swear my nose wrinkles like a rabbit every time I think of iceberg.

David, our wonderful household shopper, gets a big 'ol smooch when he comes home with a big box of organic baby kale, chard, spinach from BJ's and a roast chicken. We chop it up, add some sea salt, pepper, EVOO, lemon or vinegar of some sort, (I like white balsamic or champagne wine vinegar). Sometimes I add quinoa or tuna or egg for some complex carbs and protein. Yum.

I beleive in chopped salad so much, I keep a cutting board and knife at work to prep my lunch. 

So there you have it. A light salad post, just heavy on taste.



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Carolina John said...

Nice! Looks delish. I've been really into raw kale salads lately, and high spinach as well. Rock on.