January 14, 2014

The Love Book.

Sometimes teachers comes in small packages, like 6 year old girls. 

Izzy wrote The Love Book tonight while I waited for her to fall asleep.  While I was getting annoyed that she wasn't asleep yet, she was pouring her little heart out with a sharpie.  She presented these pages moments ago and declared (shaking she was so excited) that each teacher and principal in her school needs a page.  

Izzy, my love, I think we all need a page.  Every day. 

Words and writing by Isabella, translated by her mom. 

1. By Isabella Zuzelo. The Love Book. 
2. Love Book by Izzy if you reach into your heart you can do anything. 
3. Love Book by Izzy me and my brother think we can do anything. 
4. Love Book by Izzy in this book we believe you can do anything. 
5. Love Book by Izzy we have to stand up for ourselves.
6. Love Book by Izzy I think we can do anything we believe in. 
7. Love Book by Izzy in the love book people believe we can do anything.
8. Love Book by Izzy in the love book people care about what we do together. 

Me: "Izzy what inspired you to write this book?"
Izzy: "What does inspire mean"
Me: "What made you feel like you wanted to or needed to make this book."
Izzy: "The love book? I decided to make the love book because my family cares about me and loves me. My class, my teachers, everyone surrounding me that knows me loves me."

Dear everyone that surrounds Izzy, and especially her teachers, thank you, thank you, thank you for making her feel so very loved that it overflows into these inspiring moments. 


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