May 24, 2010

A break. And a reset.

Craptastic week.

Sprinkled with some happy things.

I really try so hard not to complain, but sometimes it is really draining to always try to look on the bright side of things. What's the ruling on complaining about complaining?  I feel I could get get stuck in an infinite loop.  

Like *S*, my 5-year-old:  "She's two, too. I said two, two-times. I said two, two times. I said two, two times."  

Yeah, that did happen. More than once. Like, at least two times, too.

I said two, two-times....


I will rant (slash) what is the opposite of rant?, get it all out, try to remember the good parts, and move on. 

Let's see...3 cancer diagnosis (family & close friend), 1 broken foot (David), burnt arm (granola casualty - now I know why mom kept an aloe plant in the house)...

AND....6 year wedding anniversary (woot!), 18 miles loggged, 12 with the kids in tow, birthday celebrations, laying on of hands, cleansing tears, gifts galore, springfest!, fresh strawberries, help from the fam, phone calls and...


See, way more happy things.  Trying. Really.

Here in lies the rub. When life happens, priorities inevitably shift and sometimes we fall back into old habits, ya know those patterns that run so so very deep and are so easy to find and click into.  

This week, that's what happened. Food habits. Not measured. Not written down. Not planned.  Pizza, Ben&Jerry's frozen yogurt, maple cinnamon bread, pb&j, the kids crusts, snack bars, extra handfuls of granola.  No cooking, just reheating. Scarfed down, mostly standing up.  Yes, Michael Pollan, I broke your precious rules. Suck it. 

Dinner for the kids was pb&j, hotdogs, tuna sandwiches, or ham and cheese. Thank goodness for farm share strawberries, zucchini and carrots. 

Me, I tried the "eat when your hungry" mentality, but I gained. In one week I gained 5 lbs.  

5 fraking pounds.  

Noooo, I'm not an emotional/stress eater.  I can eat when I am hungry, no need to write EVERYTHING down.

*dripping with sarcasm* 

I know me. I am very human. 5lbs can (and has) easily become 10, which can become 15, which can become 25. Slippery slope.  I much prefer to keep that slope exactly as is on my backside.  (Or ass is. Ha!) 

Myass = m=\frac{y_2-y_1}{x_2-x_1}.

So, now I have an opportunity for a reset. Rant over. Poundage owned. Moving on.   

Breakfast today is written down, lunch is written down. Dinner is planned (thank goodness for a freezer full of leftovers!) Running goals are set.  

I have a fridge full of farmshare that will prepped and cooked tonight. Including a second attempt at fiddleheads (Thanks for the suggestions!).

At least that is the plan. I guess the bright side isn't so bad.


Delane said...

I love random streams like this.

Sorry about the 5 lbs. I lost nothing this week. NOTHING, yet I didn't track everything either. So eh.

GME said...

I love this post, and I have so been there. I think I'm on about week three of being there, actually. Hmm. -GME