May 11, 2010

Not going anywhere, but growing everywhere

I think I get it now. Why people will continually walk around with dirt inder their nails from gardening. Ok, so maybe not why other people do it but I think I figured out why I do it.

And not the dirt under the nails part, but the gardening part.

Last week I made a raised bed for our garden.  Then I added lath to make a square foot garden, planned out the plot and bought and planted some seeds.  

Here is where the most amazing thing happened. I prepared the dirt for their arrival and I was pouring these little tiny seeds in my hand and before putting each little seed in their bed of dirt and compost, I thanked them for all the work they were about to do and for all the people, my family, friends, church community, they were going to feed. This impromptu little pray was a serious shift in my thinking.

I talked about this in previous posts, but I have not always had the healthiest relationship with food. I was a food hoarder, bored eater, emotional eater. I still find my self reaching for a handful of granola when I am frustrated or had a rough day. (Still working on that one.) The hoarding happened when I felt like food was scarce, that if I didn't stake claim on it, someone else will. This kind of thinking meant I ignored true hunger signs and went for the food because it was there and I could.  And if I didn't... OMG... would it be there tomorrow!? I can't say that I actually *thought* that every time, but the feelings were certainly there. 

So in looking at these seeds I realized the abundance ABUNDANCE of all the food around me. It isn't going anywhere, in fact it is GROWING everywhere! Not only is there enough to feed me and my family, but we plan on having enough so when the new babies come, or the unexpected illness or funeral happens in the neighborhood, church community or just because it's nice to have a meal ready and you don't have to cook, we will have enough to make delicious dishes to share.  

My secretive love affair with food has shifted to a open and affirming relationship with my garden and those sweet little seeds that are going to do a lot of work this summer. 

Thank you seeds. 
I honor you.

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