May 05, 2010

Lunch Run

Ok, so before, "Lunch Run" meant driving to the local pizza joint to pick up a slice.

Not this time.

Lunch run.  As in Running. At lunch.

Oh yeah, baby.

Sweatier in work clothes than I should be (post run - I didn't *run* in work clothes), but at least this time I remembered to wear a skirt.

And proof I made it to the top.  And new victory.  I actually ran the whole time up the @#*& hill, stopping only to snap a pic and back in 30 minutes.  The song What Do You Want From Me was quite ironic at that moment.

My poor phone was a sweaty mess lodged in the shelf of my tank. Maybe it's time for a mini-fanny pack.  Oh good gravy, who AM I?


Delane said...

I run outside with a SPI belt. I really like it.

Good job on the lunch run. I cannot do that..I sweat way to much to put back on work clothes.

Christy Z said...

Thanks, D. I will check out the SPI. I have to have my badge with me too so I've been sticking it between my tank and my shirt. When it gets really hot, I don't want layers. Ick.

You have very nice clothes, so I can totally understand that!