May 07, 2010

Cheap me vs. Organic me

How do I reconcile the CAM (cheapassmama) me with the organic me?

Because, frankly, going organic isn't always friendly on the wallet. Coach wallet vs. organic bananas...

Sometimes it is hard to make a choice and many of us aren't ready to jump into the 100% organic category...

Or ready to be like Barbara Kingslover and move your family to a farm and become 100% locavores....

Or ready to get a CSA because you are not green with envy over kale or chard.  (Too easy.  And greens do rock! I swear.)

So what is a cheapass-shopper that wants to stick their toes in organic waters to do?

Good people, like the ones at the Environmental Working Group, put together a shopper's list of foods to always buy organic and foods to sometimes buy organic.  These are based on the pesticide levels that seep into the food.

If you want a really cute version for your wallet, you can use this on from My Paper Crane blog.

Cute, eh?

I am the first person to admit that it is a struggle to chose between spending money and going organic.  But this list just makes sense.  If I can't go all organic, that at least when I go to the store, I have options.

*PS - Thanks Liesl & Earl for sending these resources my way!


Dan said...

Great post and I wrestle with the whole organic thing, too. If it's something mainly intended for Ryan I try and always buy organic unless it's bananas or corn (yay, low pesticide).

Lindsay said...

I typically buy organic only on the dirty dozen list. It is hard because it often is more expensive, but I'd rather not eat lots of pesticides, particularly with my allergies! The picture is adorable.