May 03, 2010

What's growin' on?

How does someone that needs complete order and organization garden for the first time ever?  Why, Mary, Mary Quite Contrary, you can plant a square foot garden.  

Nerdgasm alert! OMG, you mean I can use Excel to plan my garden???!! I'm in heaven. 


Beyond Excel, I don't like to be put into a box.  I mean from an identity perspective.  If I try to list all the people, groups, etc. I identify with, I would have more boxes in my box than those 30 up there! 

Oh snap! 


But basil on the other hand, you, yes you have a place.  I'm looking at you in the far right hand corner. Yes, my perspective not yours.  Because I am newbie gardener. Dang, there is another box to put me in.   

So what is square foot gardening?  

There's this guy, named Mel that came up with it.  You can read about it here.  But there is this other woman, that took it a step future and organized dates, times, planting patterns (she is the Queen of organization and I am now a loyal subject). You can find out about your "color" in your area and when and how to plant, transplant or companion plant here

Based on what you want to plant and how far apart the seeds should be, the Queen Square came up with this handy-dandy reference table.  

This loyal Square is reposting for your reading pleasure.

Here is the link to a google spreadsheet with my plan. 

There are probably not so newbie gardeners out there.  I would love love love if you would give any feedback you have.  I like feedback. :)

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Delane said...

I which I had a back yard I could do this in.