April 26, 2010

The Outer Aisle or Outside

Going from flash frozen veggies to outer aisle was a big step. Going organic was the next step. CSA came next and now for the biggest transformation of them all. 

Local food.  

Like really local.  As in my backyard local.  

I am pretty clueless when it comes to plants and things. I've pretty much killed any plant that I have tried to grow. I even let an African Violet wither and die and you really can't kill those things. In all honesty, it isn't surprising since plants need water and I forget to give myself water, so how am I going to remember to give plants water. 

But, I will try.  

And now I have my kids to help remind me.  They are good at reminding me to give them drinks at dinner since I forget that too. 

Now the question is....

What will go into this beyond organic jardin?  


Working on tilling the soil

Deciding to make our own raised bed


Kathleen (aka Gramma) said...

It's beautiful! You "grow" girl!

Kathleen said...

PS Did the peas ever sprout? Mine here are taking f-o-r-e-v-e-r! (Or am I just like a kid waiting for Christmas when it comes to growing stuff in the garden??)

Christy Z said...

Yup, they did sprout - about 3 so far, but they are still pretty tiny. We'll plant some more in the raised bed, but I think I need to get more soil. We dug up the soil underneath and it was all the rocks from the construction.

We got cucs, spinach, tomatos (1 plant & seeds), cilantro, garden beans, peas, black beauty squash, summer mix squash, sugar baby watermellon and strawberries. I think I am going to go back for some lettuce and I probably won't plant it all at once - we wont't be able to eat all of this AND the CSA stuff. Unless we get visitors....