April 07, 2010

Before and After

I love before and after pictures. But mostly the after pictures.

Unless it's Hiedi Montag.

WTH was that woman thinking??!!

Anywhoo....My favorite part of the Biggest Loser is the last 5 minutes when they do the "where are they now" segment. It shows just how far the contestants have come.

Well here is my own version of before and after.


Holy Sodium Batman!! I think there is more salt in this freezer than in the Dead Sea.


Look at all those wonderful fruit and veggie drawers. 3 months ago, those were filled with diet coke.

My fridge is so exposed. Do you feel a draft?

Oh and just for the sake of full disclosure...I am an honest person...the before picture is close to the original, but isn't my *actual* freezer. I wasn't such a freak that I took a before picture of my lean cuisines (not saying that whoever did take this pic is a freak, I swear!) I really didn't know such a huge transformation would happen to actually have a "before" pic. Isn't that always the way? You never really take a before picture that is intended to be a before picture, you usually have to hunt for one once you reach the after.

Unless you are Hiedi Montag.

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