April 23, 2010

The Outer Cosmos

After finishing up around the outer aisle, you inevitably have go through the check out line where the marketeers try to entice you with the last minute impluse buys and reading material.

Picture this: David, *S*, *I* and a bunch of bananas standing in the checkout line at 7:30am.  And since our 5 year old son has begun to read, he practices on pretty much anything and everything.  

*Pause for brag time*

He was reading words and flashcards at 3 1/2 and he now reads books; not like memorized books, but ones he's never seen before.  He isn't even in kindergarten yet!   

*Brag un-pause*

So David and *S* were at the check out and *S* begins reading signs in the grocery check out line to the amusement of the ladies in line. Then he reads a line from the cover of Cosmo about 7 blah blah Ore-Gasm Tips. 


He moves on to reading cookie labels and David pops out with, "Ah Son, a good gentleman always has at least 7 of those tricks in his repertoire...a lady needs consideration." 

Ah, my boys.  

Thank goodness he moved on to the cookies before David had to explain what "Give Yourself a Brazilian" means.  

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